The Radiant Narsissist

The only time I will take that title as a compliment is when it’s in relation to one of my all-time favourite brands – NARS. It seems the beauty world is freaking out over their latest product – the Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation and I of course had to try it for myself. I’m a big fan of NARS as a brand from their base products to colour, they always seem to get it right. I’ve tried and liked the Sheer Glow and All Day Luminous Weightless foundations so was intrigued about their most recent addition.

Before I delve into the review I firstly want to give you an overview of my skin type. I read foundation reviews on a daily basis but they are virtually useless unless you know the blogger’s skin type. Chances are, if they love a foundation and have dry skin then it’s possible it won’t work for your oily skin. I have struggled with acne for most of my life and it’s only over recent years that I’ve finally got it under control. With that, I always look for a foundation with solid coverage so I’m able to wear it even when my skin is not cooperating. I also have oily/combination skin so anything that is ultra-dewy/hydrating probably won’t suit my skin as my face produces a natural oily layer by midday anyway– such a struggle.


So, let’s look at what NARS claims this foundation can do:

  • 16hr wear
  • Natural, radiant finish
  • Breathable and skin like
  • Medium-to-full, buildable coverage
  • Targeted at normal/oily skin types

Sounds ideal right? One thing worth noting is the extensive shade range in this collection. There are 33 colours in total with various undertones from pink to neutral to warm. NARS claim the foundation “mimics skin’s tone, fusing with skin for the closest match.” I picked up the shade Fiji, a perfect light/medium shade suitable for when I’m tan, which is pretty much 6 days a week.

I put this foundation to the test, wearing it every day to work. I applied it around 8am and took it off around 7pm with zero top ups or powdering throughout the day. I used my standard NYX primer and set it with only the Laura Mercier Invisible Loose Setting Powder. A NARS trained makeup artist once told me that all NARS foundations are formulated to be applied using the fingers *eye roll*. I never ever apply my foundation with fingers so completely disregarded her advice until I played around with the Sheer Glow foundation. She was right… *I hang my head in shame*. The foundation definitely had a smoother application when I used the warmth of my fingers instead of a brush. I wondered if the same applied to the Natural Radiant Longwear so I decided to apply it three different ways over three days: fingers, beauty blender and brush. I was impressed with how well it applied with my fingers and felt this a strong contender but after using it with the beauty blender and a buffing brush I really couldn’t tell the difference. Each applicator was as effective as the next. You can all breathe a sigh of relief, I know I did, we’ll all be buried with our beauty blenders when the time comes.

This foundation blended like a dream and the shade was perfect for my skin tone, not too yellow or too flat, it was perfect for every day use. They don’t kid around when they say this foundation is breathable. Throughout the day it felt like I had nothing on at all which I loved. There’s nothing worse when you have the feeling that you can’t wait to go home and take off all your makeup.

With my oily skin, I’m always dubious of foundations with radiant in the title. I find when I first apply it my skin looks unreal, then a few hours later I’m damping a tissue with the excess oil on my face. This was one of the reasons I was so keen to try this foundation, a radiant foundation targeted at oily/combination skin is virtually unheard of. My my, NARS you have cracked it. Guys, I had zero shine on my face. Nada. Zilch. Not even a smidge. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I looked in the mirror. Yet, my skin didn’t look too matte or flat, it looked healthy – it looked radiant. It was at that moment, in my work toilets at 2pm on a Tuesday under the harsh industrial lights I fell in love – hard.

In terms of longevity this foundation didn’t disappoint. My foundation looked as good at the end of the day as it did at the start. “LIAR” I hear you say but trust me, it did. My only comment would be I saw a little transfer around my chin and lips but I will admit I am quite a messy eater so it could have been the result of stray salad dressing so we’ll say nothing.


Overall, this is one of my favourite foundations I’ve tried in a while, it was easy to apply, no fuss, and did everything it claimed to. This foundation was perfect for my skin type, my only concern would be how it would sit on someone’s dry/combination skin. I had a little dryness around my nose and I did find the foundation sat there a little. If you have visibly dehydrated skin I’m not sure this foundation would cut it for you.

I’m a big believer in try before you buy, so if you’re in town, go get matched up, get a sample and play around with it. I’d be very interested to hear your experiences, especially with girls who have different skin to my own.

Goodbye for another week my fellow narsissists. Remember, you’re not vain, you’re just fabulous.

Peace out,



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3 thoughts on “The Radiant Narsissist

  1. So good eve! I actually read a review to the very end for once haha keep adding im keen to check these posts out before I go buy new make up! Xx


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