Wined, Dined and Valentined

February 14th, the one day of the year it’s socially acceptable to display your love and affection for your significant other in the form of an oversized teddy bear, heart shaped chocolates or with an offensive card that sings. Ok, so maybe you’re not that into the holiday but you have an excuse to go out for dinner in a snazzy restaurant with a discounted three course set menu and that you can get on board with. Whether you’ll go for the melt in the middle chocolate fondant or the white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake is yet to be decided but one thing is for sure – you wanna look smokin’.

This is where your fairy Godmother with the killer contour steps up to help a gal out (that’s me by the way…). Below you’ll find a simple step by step guide on how to achieve an easy, flirtatious eye look that’s sure to have him/her gazing at your cut crease all night long.

I’ve seen a lot of V-day inspired looks over Instagram these past few weeks. A lottt of shocking reds and luminous pinks. Sure, these looks look great on that Illamasqua beauty consultant with the cool tattoos and the blunt cut fringe but maybe you’re not that daring. Perhaps you’re afraid putting red shadow on your lids will scream you’ve got dermatitis rather than you’re full of the joys of true love. This look is subtler but just as effective and better still, easy to do.

For this look I am using the Morphe 35P palette. Full of deep plums and soft mauves it’s a great all-rounder.

Photo 13-02-2018, 20 39 551. Use the transition shade all over your brow bone and towards the brow in sweeping semi-circle motions. This will help to blend the deeper shades that we’ll be adding later.

2. Use the deeper shade to add more definition, semi-circle motions again. It’s good to use a fluffy blending brush to achieve that seamless transitionStep1&23. Apply this all over the lid. It’s a pretty, shimmery champagne colour that’s sure to catch the light


4. Now for our deepest shade. Create a fan look by using a thin, flat powder brush taking the shadow from the corner of the eye, all the way towards the end of your brow – we’re creating a diagonal line. Don’t worry if you mess up or your lines aren’t symmetrical. Take some concealer and follow underneath so it’s more clean-cut. When doing this step, use whatever is left on the brush to blend in. The trick is to never see where one colour starts and another ends. This tends to happen when we get too excited with the shadow and have nowhere to put it – calm down Susan. Blend out as much as you can. If you feel the dark colour hasn’t blended enough, repeat step one, this will help to create a gradient effect.

Step45. We have now applied our darkest and lightest shades, it’s time they now meet in the middle. Take this shade and “fill in” the gap between the outer corner of the eye and the central lid. This will help the eye to look like that gradient we’re working for – light colour, blending into medium, blending into dark.


6. Take this shade and apply a thin line on the under eye. This will help to complete the look and have the colour come full circle. If you have small eyes, it’s fine to apply this shadow to the outer corners only and blend the colour inwards so the concentration is on the outer sides. This will give the illusion that your eyes are bigger than they are. If you’re not afraid of the smoke, feel free to take a deeper shade and blend, blend, blend.


Finally, you want your lashes to look like they’re about to take flight. No one does a sexy, feminine lash better than our Suzanne. My go to lashes these days have been the SoSu lash range for Primark. These are the style Mollie, pop them on BOOM, you’re feeling sexier than Jessica Rabbit singing jazz in an underground club in down town New York.


As this look is more understated with the purple and mauve tones I partnered it with a candy pink lip colour. Lipstick Queen lipliner in Pink all over the lip with Mac’s Cremesheen lipstick in Crème Cup on top followed by a lashing of Mac’s Cremesheen Glass lipgloss in Paper Lantern.


There you have it, a simple V day inspired look guaranteed to captivate the attention of your date over the candlelight. Now onto more pressing matters – the fondant or the cheesecake?

Happy love day my lovelies,



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