Blinded by your…highlight?

Highlighter – we love it, we’re consumed by it, we can’t get enough of the stuff. It’s like legalised heroin in my opinion except, you know, your life won’t get completely ruined as a result of its addiction…  

We all may share the love of highlight but we don’t all share a love for its various life forms. Some of us like it subtle, some like it bright enough that even Stevie Wonder couldn’t miss it. Either way, the industry caters for you all. Check out my top picks on all the pearly goodness that’s out there.


Glow Level 1: Kiko Radiant Touch Creamy Stick Highlighter – £9.90

For my more low-key, low-maintenance girls this pick is the one. The stick setup is perfect for gliding on the skin, no need for brushes, sponges or Picasso’s skilful hands. This can be applied directly onto the skin or warmed up on the fingers then dabbed on. Gives a delicate yet noticeable glow. It’s the most skin like of all the highlighters I’ve tried which is why I reach for it when I’m having a minimal, tinted moisturiser, barely there kinda day.

Glow Level 2: The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer – £16

I like a powder highlight because it gives you the ability to control the intensity of your glow. By using a whispy, fanned brush you can achieve a more relaxed shimmer. With a more tightly packed brush you can really get that glow-force going. This highlight is fine and silky smooth. Some powder highlighters can be more of a glitter powder than a shimmer and I’m not really about that life as the glitter looks too showgirl for my liking. If you want to take your glow up a level then add this on top of a cream highlight for added oomph.


Glow Level…10?!: Iconic London Illuminator – £30

You may have seen celeb-endorsed adverts for this plague your Instagram, I was always a bit dubious. An ad posted by a z list TOWIE “celeb” doesn’t exactly scream confidence in a brand but I will admit, I was a doubter, and now I believe. Ho-ly sh*t. This highlighter is INSANE. I have never experienced such intensity from a liquid highlighter. Even when I purchased this I was apprehensive. My experience with liquid highlighters before, consisted of applying the product on top of my makeup and my foundation moving with it – disaster.  It made me vow to avoid liquid highlighters at all costs. Well I have eaten my words and they’re tasting pretty yummy. Wow-ee. The Iconic highlighter was nothing like that. It blended beautifully and I couldn’t stop saying “damnnnn Gina” every 2 seconds…you get the jist. A little goes a long way with this so only a couple of drops are needed. I apply it with a damp beauty blender and pat it onto the skin.

Ultimately, my belief is, you can never have too many highlighters, so long as you’re buying highlight and not heroin I think the addiction is socially acceptable.

Go forth my children, let the glow be with you.



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