A Wing and a Prayer

The winged liner is a cruel mistress. When she’s on point (literally) she’s unstoppable, and when she’s not, we question why bad things happen to good people. Although it works out for me most of the time, I still have scenarios where one side looks like it could cut concrete and the other doesn’t know what the hell it’s doing.

Ultimately, the fear holds you back. Many people are intimidated by winged liner but nothing should stop you from wearing the makeup you want. Ever. We are all capable of pulling off sought after looks so I am going to share with you my cheats on how to get your feet of the ground and flyyyyyyy.

1. Trace it

When I first started dabbling with liner I would draw my wings using an angled shadow brush and black eye shadow (I like the Real Techniques 202 Angled Liner Brush). By roughly outlining the shape, I could trace over the shadow with liner without worrying if the two sides would match. Eyeshadow is a lot easier to wipe off than the liner so even if the lines don’t match initially, you can correct it before you commit and draw the line in liquid. This method is great for people who are completely new to liner.

2. Tape it

You will have seen a lot of YouTubers using tape in recent years to achieve a seamless line. If I am doing an ultra-dramatic, smokey winged look I’ll often reach for the tape for the sheer fact that it’s tidier. It eliminates the risk of fallout from your shadow and ensures your wings will be symmetrical. Some people are horrified at the prospect of putting Sellotape on your face so I recommend masking tape as it’s gentler on the skin. This method is great for people who want to partner their liner with a smoked eye and experiment with more dramatic looks.


3. Use a product that suits you

There are loads of different formulas and applicators for liner, it’s not a one size fits all. I am personally not a fan of liners where the applicator screws off so you have a pot of the product and the applicator separate. I find these to be quite runny and difficult to work with. Liner pens are very popular, especially if you are a novice. One of my all-time favourites is the Clinique Pretty Easy Liquid Eyelining Pen. The point is thin yet flexible. Pens with very stiff points make it harder to achieve a smooth line. Alternatively, you can opt for gel. Gel has a thicker consistency so the application is smoother and, in my opinion, easier. You can use the Real Techniques 202 brush with the Clinique Brush-On Cream Liner. Tip is – find what suits YOU, the rest will follow.


4. Conceal and correct

On first attempt, you may find your liner has a few bumps in the road. Don’t worry, this is easily fixed, no need to start over. You can either dip an earbud (or q-tip for my American readers) in some makeup remover to correct it or use some concealer to line your lines for extra definition. Just make sure to use a very fine brush.

5. Light as a feather

When drawing your points, you want to be veryy gentle, using light strokes. You may feel that you’re barely touching the skin but this will help you to achieve that sought after, piercing tip. Start from the outer corner of the eye and sweep outwards.

6. Practice, practice, practice.

Like anything, you will only get better the more you do it. Yes, at the beginning your wings may look more fallen angel than Angel Gabrielle but you WILL get better, trust me! Even when you’re sitting at night watching tv, grab a mirror and your liner and give it a go. You will find that the nights where you have nowhere to be, your wings will look like they’ve been touched by the Lord himself and then when you actually want them to work out they look like a married couple having a domestic. Such is life but trust the process and you’ll have wings that could cut a b*tch in no time.

One of the reasons I wanted to start this blog was to show people that good makeup is accessible to everyone, be it a killer product that’s cheaper than chips or a simple way to achieve a complicated look. If you’re reading this and are struck with fear when attempting liner, try again. You might just find you’re better than you think! May your day be a good one, your coffee strong, and your wings even.

Until next time my angels,



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