These Snakes Ain’t Loyal

St Patrick’s day is quickly descending upon us and I for one can. Not. Wait. I adore St Patrick’s day, I get to listen to trad music, run around like a lunatic and break my lent (I’m dying for a crème egg). What’s not to love?

Like all themed holidays it’s fun to do a quirky lil look but most people barely put green on their backs let alone on their faces. It is a controversial colour to say the least but I don’t like to dwell in negativity, you can look gorgeous in green. Fact. Here’s how.


This is the Urban Decay Vice 3 palette. When it comes to bright colour I look no further than Urban Decay. They know how to take you out of your comfort zone whilst still looking fabulous.

1. Take your transition shade and blend it out on your crease towards the brow bone. When dealing with brighter colours it’s essential to blend blend blend.


2. Now for the green. Apply this all over the lid. I like this colour because it’s more of an olive green than an, “in your face” green and it has beautiful gold flecks, subtle yet noticeable. Blend the colour out, if need be, take your transition shade again to help


3. This is our darkest shade. St Patrick’s day for me is a day activity so I don’t like to go to heavy on the smoke. Your look should be delicate enough for day time but still sexy enough to take you through the night (if you last that long). Take a tiny amount of the brown and apply to the outer corner of the eye, gently bring the colour down to underneath the lower lash line. Don’t apply any more shadow, just blend out what you already have on the brush. This is to create the subtle smoke.

4. Now for the main event, take your mega green and apply a thin line underneath the lash line and blend it out slightly. This is a little pop of colour to really get us in the spirit.

5. Finally, take this beautiful pearlescent shade and apply to the inner eye to make the eye pop.


Small pops of colour under the eye are a great way to instantly take your eye look from safe to sensational. If you’re not used to wearing colour on your eyes but want to venture out, this is a great technique to help bring out your inner Mac Makeup artist. We all know the one, the girl with the INSANE colour and technique who we always scoff “who would ever wear makeup like that” but who we’re actually in awe of.


I hope your St Paddy’s day is full of laughter, dancing, fabulous makeup and most importantly, crème eggs.

Chat to you later kiddies,



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