How do you like your eggs in the morning?

I like mine with…chocolate. For those who may not know, the six weeks leading up to Easter are when we’re supposed to prep and abstain from certain things we love. In my case that’s chocolate. Yep, I’ve gone six whole weeks without tearing into a Dairy Milk (bar St Patrick’s day when I devoured 2 crème eggs, a malteaser bunny and a packet of mini eggs). So I for one am veryyy excited about this coming Sunday.

Aside from the copious amounts of chocolate, Easter also brings with it my second favourite thing about this time of year – Bank Holidays. No work on Monday means your day is your oyster. Whether you’re having dinner with the fam or hitting the town with friends for some Sunday sips, you’ll need to look damn fine doing it. Edinburgh has been all blue skies and sunny as of late which is making me gear towards soft pink eyes and nude lips. A perfect combination to keep you looking sweet like caramel all day long.

To achieve this look, I’m using the Morphe 350S palette. One of my all-time favourites, great pigments and an even greater price!


1. To start, I’ve used a transition shade in burnt orange all along my brow bone. To add definition, take the first shade and sweep it over this area.


2. For the main colour, I’m using this gorgeous, shimmery, rosy silver shade. Sweep this all over the eye. To really intensify the colour and for a bit more drama, pat the colour onto the lid to really pack the glitter.


3. Use this colour on the outer corner of the eye for our deepest shade.


4. As a transition from the lightest to darkest colours, take this red shade to join the two together. The red shadow will help bring out the pink in the main colour and blend beautifully with the brown we used.

5. For underneath the eye, take the colours 3 and 4 and underline the eye. I used the darker shade first then went over it with the red. This combination gives a softness to the eye as well as a bit of smoke.


6. Finally, take this creamy shade and dot it on the inner corner of the eye to really brighten it up. It’s Springtime, the sun’s out (sometimes) so shake off the darker colour and be bright!


For lips, I opted for a coral shade to balance the pink. I’ve never been much of a fan of coral lips but the Kylie Jenner Lipkit in Dirty Peach converted me. It’s more of a flat peach than coral and is a perfect base if you want to go over it with a more intense colour. I topped this with Mac’s Cremesheen lipstick in Creme Cup to tie in the pink and give that glossy day look that we’re aiming for.


However you’re spending Easter I hope it’s with lovely people, coral lips and a crème egg or three.

Have a good one chicks,



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