Charlotte’s Hollywood Glow

Name me a brand more luxurious and seductive than Charlotte Tilbury. I’ll wait. Charlotte’s products ooze glamour and sophistication. They make you want to say Darling after every sentence, then you remember you’re not as refined as Charlotte or have her uber-posh English accent.

I am a big fan of Charlotte Tilbury, I adore her work, her products and her style. I imagine some day meeting her over a glass of champagne at a snazzy New York party and we instantly hit it off. She becomes my mentor and names a lipstick after me, slotted in between Sexy Sienna and Very Victoria. I digress.

Charlotte’s latest offering is the Hollywood Flawless Filter that claims to be “A Complexion Booster For Super Starlit Skin”. The product comes in 7 shades from Fair to Dark and is priced at £30. I bought the shade 3: Light/Medium.

I’ll admit it’s a questionable product as no one really knows what it’s for. It looks like foundation, acts like a primer yet glows like a highlighter. The grey area is one of the reasons I love this product. Its lightweight consistency and multipurpose properties make it an extremely versatile offering. I tried this out on its own, on top of a luminous primer and all I can say it – wow.


The “filter” feels velvety on the skin and instantly provides radiance. There is no coverage provided by the Hollywood Flawless Filter but it smooths out the complexion and could be classified as a luminous tinted moisturiser. I’m excited to use it on it’s on during Summer, simply with some concealer and highlight for a bright, healthy look.

You can also mix this with your foundation for added luminosity.  Some people don’t like to mix products with contrasting consistencies but I love it. I have oily skin so 90% of the foundations I own are matte. Good for lasting all day but sometimes I just want that Khloe K wet look so I tend to drop in some radiance. Mixing this into foundation was a dream. It’s thicker than a standard liquid highlight so complimented my base well and gave it a little va va voom.

Although the Hollywood Flawless Filter is beautiful alone, until I get natural colour on my face I unfortunately can’t ride solo so these past few weeks I’ve worn it underneath my foundation. This product radiates through foundation to give a glow to the skin. I could visibly see a difference from foundation on its own versus with the Hollywood Flawless Filter. Below I put a light layer of YSL’s Touche Éclat foundation over the top of the filter. Skin so wet and silky I feel like David Ghandi is about to pop out and whisk me off to the Riviera.


Charlotte also hints that this can be used as a highlight. Personally, I feel if you want to use this as a highlight you’d need to buy it in a couple of shades lighter than your base. Albeit a beautiful base glow, it doesn’t have the blinding factor I usually grace my cheekbones with so it’s a no from me.

Charlotte has hit it out of the park yet again. I truly love this product and think it’s a complimentary addition to anyone’s makeup kit. You look glamorous and sexy when it’s on and most importantly you feel it, like you do with so many of Charlotte’s stunning products.

Goodbye my darlings…nope, defs not as slick as Char, we’ll blame the accent…



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