Take it Off!

Ah makeup removal. It’s a battle. We all know the struggle of having a long day, coming home and the desire to crawl into bed sometimes overcomes the need to remove the day’s face. Don’t. Do. It. It ruins your sheets, you wake up looking like the Joker and it’s just plain nasty. Don’t see taking off your makeup as an effort, use the right products to add a bit of luxury to your day and make your skin feel baby smooth and fresh.

There’s a common misconception that you can go straight to using a cleanser without removing your makeup. Ah hunni, your fairy glam-mother is here to help. When I worked on counter we had a manager who would always say that cleansing your face without removing makeup was like getting in the shower with your clothes on.  Counterproductive. Your cleanser won’t get down and deep into your skin if it’s too busy working through a barrier of makeup.

If you’re looking for a top pick of face wipes you’ve come to the wrong place. I’m giving my selection of makeup removers that will effectively remove your makeup without rubbing your skin within an inch of its life.

Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm – £23

This is hands down my all-time favourite makeup remover. I’ve been using this bad boy for about 5 years now, I cannot live without it. It’s a solid balm that melts in the warmth of your hand. Apply it to dry skin and it expertly removes every last smidge of makeup on your face. I wear pretty heavy-duty makeup especially around my eyes. This gets rid of all my liner and mascara with a few gentle rubs. The Take the Day Off range has products to suit everyone. The cleansing oil is also beautiful on the skin, my only issue with it is I feel I go through it quite quickly whereas the balm lasts for months. There is also the cleansing Milk for the girls who don’t like to use water. Whatever your preference, Clinique has you covered.

La Roche-Posay Make-Up Remover Milk – £12

Some people couldn’t be bothered with water when it comes to makeup removal, if that’s you then I have you covered. When it comes to makeup removal it’s essential that you don’t irritate the skin, it’s possible to still treat it even when you’ve stumbled in at 3am and are a bit worse for wear… The La Roche-Posay milk is a lovely thick cleanser that sweeps away makeup without irritating the skin. Half a pump on each cotton pad helps you to work the product into the skin and really cleanse the face. If your skin is sensitive or very dry this is a lovely product for you. You don’t have that stripped, bare feeling you tend to get with other makeup removers *cough* Simple Makeup Wipes *cough*.

Garnier Natural Honey Flower Cleansing Milk – £3.49

Okkkkk, I know many of you are thinking, why should I spend over 20 squiddles when I can buy wipes for £2.50. I get it, but you don’t need to sacrifice the pennies to effectively treat and look after your skin. A cheap favourite that I am loving at the minute is this Garnier number. I’m always a bit dubious of makeup removers that are heavily scented but I was pleasantly surprised with this. The smell isn’t overpowering at all and the milk took off my makeup like a dream. Better yet, my skin felt gorgeous straight after using it. It felt clean and hydrated. I’ve been keeping this in my gym bag lately for after work session (if you wear makeup when you work out then we need an entirely different blog post). Psst… this milk is a sweet half price in Boots at the moment, that’s £1.74!

Makeup removal doesn’t have to be a hassle but it is essential. When you wake up after a heavy night regretting your life choices from the night before you can thank me (or your drunken monkey self) for sparing a thought for your lil face and taking off your glam.

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