Sweaty Betty

The Summer months are fast approaching and if, like me, you’ve been hiding under the safety of oversized jumpers and stretchy jeans you may find that your good old friends love handles have come back with a vengeance. Those b*tches. There’s only one thing for it, well, technically two, aka stop eating like a wildebeest but I’m not emotionally prepared for that, so that leaves – gym time.

The bright mornings have made it a little easier to get up in the morning so I’ve been going to the gym before work. “YOU CRAZY” I hear you yell but I’m knee deep in RuPaul’s drag race and that has a stronger pull après work than a treadmill. Early morning gym sessions mean your bathroom is shared with a dozen other girls and it’s every woman for herself. The queue for the showers, the race to get the hairdryer that isn’t on the fritz and the “subtle” elbowing for some face time with the mirror to do your makeup. It’s a battlefield. Time is of the essence and practicality is key after you’ve killed yourself at that kettlebell class. Here’s my top tips for going from gym bunny to work fox in as little agony as possible (minus the muscle pain from all dem squatz).


Cleanse that sh*t

You’ve worked hard and you’re crying fat tears in the form of the sweat that’s beating down your face. You need an intense cleanse to really make sure your pores aren’t gonna clog up. We’re working this hard to get the body of a Victoria Secret model so let’s not abandon our skin, we need the face to match. I like to use an acne-fighting cleanser after the gym as the anti-bacterial properties will reduce your likelihood of outbreaks. The Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Cleansing Foam is a winner. The smell of this is so clinical and refreshing and the foam really cleans the skin. What’s good about Clinique is they do a lot of “starter” packs where you can get the cleanser, clarifying lotion and moisturiser in a pack of under 100ml. Great for travelling and keeping your gym bag light.

Rehydrate your body and your skin

You’ve sweated it out and although you’re drinking more water than a Geordie Shore girl after a heavy night out, your skin needs a boost too. I love the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel. This moisturiser is a classic for a reason. It hydrates the skin yet keeps it balanced throughout the day. I use it every day as it keeps my oil at bay but it’s a lovely post-gym, lightweight moisturiser which will give your skin the drink it needs, without weighing you down.

Beetroot is good in a salad, not on your face

If you’re ultra-pale like I am then I imagine we have a similar experience after morning cardio – your face is as pink as a rare steak. The blood seems to be pumping solely to your cheeks and it’s not going anyway anytime soon so you gotta take action. Green primer was made for situations like this, green and yellow neutralise redness. You all know I’m a fan of the NYX Studio Perfect Primer and they have a handy green primer that I always use after a spin class (the redness…omg).

Matte it down

For foundation, one of my favourites is the Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless. This lightweight foundation is so breathable on the skin yet covers what it needs to. It comes in a plastic bottle which is great for rolling around in a gym bag as it won’t break and leave a foundation massacre in your shoes. It also will keep you matte throughout the day and better yet, is under £8!

Feel dead, but don’t look it

We worked so hard to conceal all redness and natural flush to our skin that now we look borderline jaundiced. A natural pinch of colour on the cheeks will give us that healthy, fitness glow. A favourite of mine is the Clinique Chubby Stick for Cheeks in Robust Rhubarb. Just dab on the colour and go. The orange coral is more neutral than a pink or red so gives us colour without adding to the red underneath. Clinique feels like a theme here but they have some of the best products for serving your skin, without contributing to breakouts and after I’ve been to the gym I like to use products I can trust.


These are just some of my favourites that don’t let me down when my legs can’t be trusted to support my body. If you’ve been to the gym today, well done, if not, screw it, the damage is done, have a cupcake.

Goodbye my gym bunnies,



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