¡Viva la Revolucion!

Every so often a makeup brand rises from the ashes and blasts the other high-end brands with their outstanding quality and insane prices. In today’s case, that brand is Makeup Revolution. Every time I try a new product from them I am absolutely blown away! Their quality is incredible and the products feel beautiful to use. Better yet, can we all just take a minute of silence to thank the makeup gods for sending us a brand that gives us an unreal foundation for FIVE POUNDS!!

These are products I have tried and loved and what’s better is that Superdrug sometimes runs their 3 for 2 offer meaning you get a cheeky product for nada. This just keeps getting better…


Re-Loaded Eyeshadow Palette in Iconic Vitality – £4

I feature this in my blog post “I Need the Dolla” that focused solely on affordable beauty and I’ve been using it almost every day since. It’s rare these days to find a palette that you can use solely without having to incorporate other shadows as transition shades. This palette has bold, neutral, shimmer and matte shadows that can take you from day to night, understated to dramatic so easily. The pigments are out of this world and they blend so well it’s insane. I am verryyyyyyy particular when it comes to shadows but the proof here is when I’m travelling, I reach for this as one of my staples that I can’t be without. That tells you something.

Fast Base Foundation Stick – £5

I have been seeing this all over my Instagram, girls excitedly posting and saying they finallyyyy got their hands on it and now I know why. Foundation sticks are ideal for girls with oily skin like myself.  They tend to have a smooth and creamy consistency that’s matte enough to carry you through the day and this is no different. I really, really love this. The coverage is fabulous but it’s dewy on the skin, not cakey. My only caveat to this product is you need to be quite liberal with the application so you will find you go though it quite quickly but for £5 you can hardly complain too much.

Conceal and Define Concealer – £4

This was the product I was most excited to try from Makeup Revolution. Everyone was going nuts for it saying it was almost identical to Tarte’s Shape Tape (which I absolutely adore). I don’t find it toooo similar to Shape Tape aside from the applicator but that doesn’t make it worse by any means. It has a small doe foot wand which is the perfect size for under eye. The texture is light and creamy which I love and it covers beautifully. It blends like a dream and has a lovely shade range for highlighting. If you’re looking for Shape Tape comparisons I would say I prefer Revolution’s applicator as it’s a little smaller so you have greater control over the amount of product you use. The Revolution Concealer’s consistency is a little thinner than Shape Tape but it still does an excellent job at concealing. I love Shape Tape so would really recommend getting it to try as a treat but until you commit, the Conceal and Define is an excellent alternative.

Pro Fix Oil Control Makeup Fixing Spray – £5

I adore Urban Decay’s setting spray range and it will always have my heart. As a result, I rarely venture with others as I feel it always wins hands down. The only issue is, I spray setting spray like it’s been sourced from the fountain of youth, I am drenched by the time I’m done. When you get spritz happy like I do you tend to go through bottles like prosecco at a hen do. With that, comes a knock to the old bank balance. I’ve tried other budget setting sprays but never liked them, mainly because the nozzles were always terrible. They never spray evenly and you end up with dots all over your face like you have leprosy. This spray is different though. It sprays extremely evenly and isn’t tacky on the skin. It also keeps your makeup on like a setting spray should. Will I stop buying Urban Decay? No. Will I use this as my every day, cheap alternative? 100%.


This is only a sample of the products that I’ve tried and tested but if it’s anything to go by, I’ll be back for more. I’m not much of an activist but this is a revolution I can get behind.

Adios my rebels,



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