You make me breakout

“You know you make me breakout…I don’t wanna look like that…you know you make me breakout”

Somehow I don’t think Dave Grohl was talking about acne breakouts with this smasher but as I was washing my face last night, inspecting the pesty red bumps that have sprouted all over my face I couldn’t help but channel my 13 year old (and still to this day) emo hero and sing this tune in my head.

Hands up who suffers from breakouts? We all do, it’s a fact of life. Perhaps it’s that time of the month, maybe you’re stressed or your 3am pizza and extra side of garlic bread is taking it out on your face instead of your hips. We all get breakouts, mainly at the most inconvenient times. I for one am getting all glammed up for a charity ball on Friday and would love nothing more than to have clear healthy skin when I’m trying to pull off red carpet glamour. Unfortunately, my face is not in agreement with me and I’m breaking out. The fact is, these things can be dealt with. My ball is on Friday and I’m going to share with you the routine I’ve been doing in these last few days leading up to the main event to evict my unwanted visitors.

Scrub a dub dub

Not only do I have actual spots but I’ve been seeing a rise in blackheads on my skin lately. I know…sexy combo, right? It’s clear my skin is in need of a good scrubbin’. Although I love a scrub, my lil ole skin is a sensitive soul and she needs TLC. The Clinique 7 Day Scrub is a permanent part of my soap bag. This scrub is gentle enough to be used a few times a week but gritty enough to do its job. The scrub will help rid the surface of excess skin cells. Great for those spots that no longer have a head and are angry but refuse to get to steppin’. A little massage of this will move them along nicely. In the lead up to an event I use this every other night. Every night is overkill.

Charcoal to the rescue

Excess shine on my face tends to coincide with my breakouts so a charcoal mask is necessary. My skin is so shiny you can virtually see your reflection and it’s doing nothing for preventing more spots from appearing. The Clinique (again)Pore Refining Charcoal Mask is a staple for me also. I featured this on my Valentine’s Day post so you know it’s a keeper. This mask will soak up any lurking oil on the skin so we know we’re only dealing with the spots we currently have, and not growing any more. Plus, it helps to stop my skin looking like a slip n slide. I tend to use this straight after I’ve exfoliated, it feels cooling on the skin and brings down any redness caused by the scrub.

I prefer to be dripping in gold, not spots

My Mummy swears by this stuff and I can see why (hey Paddy). The Alpha-H Liquid gold is an intense Glycolic Acid. Effectively, it’s a non-abrasive exfoliator. It helps to resurface the skin so when we have those days where you look in the mirror and all you can see is bumps and texture, this is a winner. Sweep it all over the skin with a cotton pad, for a really intense treatment, don’t follow with any other serum or moisturiser. Trust me, your skin will look radiant in the morning. You should only use this on alternate nights so I use this in between my scrub/mask nights.

If it’s good enough for a baby, it’s good enough for you

It’s a classic, the true reveal of a serious relationship when you let your guy see you with it on for the first time. Or like me, when you forget you have it on and answer the door to the postman. Classic. Yep, it’s Sudo Crème. When a big event is looming and your skin really isn’t co-operating you need the heavy-duty stuff. A lot of people have mixed reviews on sudo crème for spots but let’s face facts. It works. Sudo crème dries up any spot you have, especially the huge whoppers that look like volcanoes on your face. After you’ve used the above, slap this on like your life depends on it. Immediately, come morning, your spots look visibly reduced.

This is the schedule I swear by when I have intermittent breakouts. Hopefully this helps rid your skin of unwanted breakouts but if it’s not working fast enough, maybe kranking up the Foo Fighters in the background may help speed things along…

Later emos,



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One thought on “You make me breakout

  1. Indeed eve as alpha H was designed by an Australian who suffered from skin problems. Glycolic acid is becoming an ingredient in many products .,, but liquid gold is good..,


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