Drippin’ in Gold

I was once told by a Dermatologist that I have “good celtic skin”, a really polite way of saying damn Gina you’re pale. With said Celtic skin, coupled with the fact I live in Scotland, sunlight is a rarity so my chances of catching a natural healthy glow is slim. In my situation, fake tan is a necessity. Tan, to me, is a way of life. I haven’t seen my natural skin colour in a very long time, except for that hour midweek after I’ve scrubbed off all of last week’s tan in preparation for this week. Life is better when you’re tan. Fact. You feel more confident, clothes look better, you feel slimmer (is that even possible?!) it overall has a positive impact on your mood. I know I’m definitely a happier person after marinating for a few hours.

When you’re as pale as me, finding the right tan for you is a battlefield. You can’t go for one that is too light or else it won’t show up but conversely, you can’t go for one that’s too deep otherwise you’ll look unnaturally orange. I have tried virtually everything from the high end brands to the cheaper makes. Strangely, I always found the expensive tans didn’t take well to my skin. They came out patchy and faded quickly. Recently, I’ve been a big fan of the St Moriz Fast Tan. For only £6.99 I was delighted that such a cheap tan worked so much better than the high end equivalent. That being said, although I love this tan I’m sucker for jumping aboard the hype train so when our Suzanne Jackson aka SoSu announced she was bringing out her own range of tan myself and my flatmate (hey Aoife) were dying to try it. Suzanne always has the most beautiful, even, tan skin. This girl knows a thing or two about the tan game so I was very interested to see what she had to offer.

As soon as it was available online we immediately bought a bottle. It is priced at £19.95 and can only be bought online via her website (which is an Irish site so beware of conversion rates) and BeautyBay.com. She has started stocking it in some of the bigger Pennys stores in Ireland so hopefully it will appear in the UK Primark soon enough. The Dripping Gold Tan comes in two formulas – lotion and mousse. I always opt for a mousse as I find using it with a soft mitt gives an even consistency across your skin. Suzanne says she uses the dark on herself, she naturally takes a good tan and has dark hair colouring etc. As I’m the complete opposite I knew dark would be overkill for me so I opted for the medium.

I wanted to give this tan a fair review and assess how it applied, the colour, the consistency and how long it lasted. Prior to application I scrubbed my skin two days consecutively so that I was my true pale self (borderline translucent). The tan is tinted which is a big thing for me, what is the point of applying a product that is supposed to change the colour of your skin and yet you can’t see where you’ve applied it?! I used a standard mitt (£2 from Primark) to apply this. The application was smooth however I would suggest giving the bottle a decent shake before pumping out. I found the liquid separated a little so even though I wore a mitt, some liquid did stain my hands. A baby wipe quickly got rid of it though.


After one layer of tan

I put the tan on before bed and left it on overnight. I was really happy not to wake up to the horrible stale biscuit smell in my room. This tan has virtually no smell whatsoever which is always a plus. I find with others, even after you showered, a staleness lingers on you throughout the day until you shower again. Not the case with Dripping Gold.

In terms of the colour I was MEGA impressed with how deep one layer was. It wasn’t too much but I could easily go on a night out after one layer. I’m a 2-3 layer kinda gal but I think it would definitely be too much for this tan. Instead, for going out on Friday night I put on a layer on Monday then another on Wednesday and that was it. Pacing it out meant I got a good few rinses in between so when I put the second layer on, it wasn’t too intense.


After two layers of tan

I loved this tan because it was extremely even. In the standard areas like elbows/feet/hands where things usually get a bit dodgey the tan applied well. Which was great as I wasn’t getting judgmental looks from people in work about my tan faux pas that has often happened when I come into office on a Friday…

The wear of this tan is a dream. You know after a couple of days you tend to go a bit scaly like have a skin condition? Not with this. It wore so well, I gradually got lighter but the tan easily lasted a week. The longevity beats a lot of others I’ve tried. I was a little concerned about the transfer of this tan. Last week I wore a white dress and was worried I would have terrible tan lines on the edges after dancing so much. I didn’t have to worry. I tested this out prior to my night out. After a 45 minute cardio session in the gym wearing white running socks, when I took them off, my tan on my feet was still intact and no orangey tinge on the socks. Result!

I can safely say I have I never been this impressed with a tan before (trust me, I’ve tried them all) and I will 100% be purchasing it again. For a light, every day tan, perhaps you’ll think it a bit much but if you have a big event coming up and want sexy bronze skin then go for it. What’s better than being tan? Being dripping in gold.

Toodaloo my bronze goddesses,



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