Come Fly With Me

In an ideal world, when travelling, we’d all be flying BA, sip champagne in the exclusive lounge to avoid mingling with the commoners and book a bag in order to bring all the liquids our hearts desire. In reality we brave it with Ryanair, can barely find a seat in departures, refuse to pay £2.50 for a diet coke and fit 2 weeks’ worth of clothes in a Trip carry on. Who said travelling wasn’t glamorous?

Our hearts begin to palpitate when we see the plastic bag that would barely fit a round of ham sandwiches let alone all our toiletries, makeup AND hair products. Luckily for you, I’m a frequent traveller and a closet cheap skate so I’ve picked up a few hacks to make sure that I still look fabulous no matter what city I’m in.

Remove the dead weight

When I go on holiday it is very rare that I take shampoo etc. with me. The products are bulky, heavy and no matter where you go, they can always be purchased cheaply – so get rid of them. If going away with the girls, even just for the weekend, one shampoo and conditioner is enough for everyone for the duration of the trip. These can be purchased in the Boots when you get through security or at the supermarket when you arrive.

Travel Size

 If you’re travelling alone and it’s not economical to buy when there, travel sizes are always an option. Personally, I’m not fussy over shampoo and such so if I’m staying in a hotel, I’m content with the products provided. I will also hands up and admit that I have been known to take the baby bottles of moisturiser and shower gel home with me. You’re a big fat liar if you say you don’t do it. I see you. You may laugh, but they’re ideal when you know you’ll be travelling again in a few months and be in the same predicament.

Know your liquids

Most people get confused over what needs to put in the plastic bag and what doesn’t. Know what is actually considered a liquid and you avoid wasting space.

Things that DON’T need to be placed in a plastic bag:

  • Vaseline/chapstick: If it’s solid then you don’t need to put it the bag. Be careful though, liquid salves like tubes of Carmex do need to go in
  • Powders: All bronzers, blotting powders and powder foundations can be left to the side
  • Lipsticks: Not a liquid. Sounds obvious but I always see bags full of Mac lipsticks in the queue for security. Rookie mistake.
  • Contour/highlight sticks: Rule of thumb, if it’s in stick form then it’s not a liquid, pop it in a separate bag.


It’s really important that although we’re travelling, we don’t let our skincare routine suffer. We’ve all received our fair share of gifts with purchase and we get those baby tubs of moisturiser/eye cream etc. that come on, we never really use. The insides may be of no use but the tubs are ideal for travel. If I receive a sample of a cream I don’t use I’ll remove the insides, rinse it out and then scoop in my preferred moisturiser/cleanser etc. If you’re not a gift with purchase junkie you can purchase these types of tubs from the likes of Primark and Poundland.

Pack a palette

I’m a big fan of dual palettes when travelling. They’re usually widely sold around Christmas as gift options (they also are the first items to be reduced come boxing day – guilty). They’re so handy when you’re on the move. I gravitate towards palettes that include eyeshadows, a blush and highlight. They combine several different products into one functional item which minimise bulk and weight.

Double up brushes

I tend to grab virtually all my brushes when packing but usually they don’t all make the cut. It’s useful to assess what brushes can serve dual purpose so you end up bringing less. That blusher brush can double up to be used for highlight. Can you use that liner brush for brows and concealer too? If you grab a brush you think you’ll need for x, look at what you already have and ask yourself if x can be done by a brush you’ve already packed.

Match looks to lipsticks

I’m a sucker for reaching for almost every lipstick colour I possess when packing, maybe I’ll be in the mood to wear red, or maybe I’ll wear that bright purple lipstick that I bought 2 years ago and barely wear. I’m OCD when it comes to packing and appreciate not everyone is like me, but if you’re looking to downsize, maybe you should be. I lay out my outfits for a trip then look at what lipstick I might wear with it. After I’ve laid them all out I soon realise I really don’t need those 3 different shades of nude. Presto, you’ve cut down on products already.

Going on your holibobs is the best but just because you’re flying continental, doesn’t mean you have to leave your style at home. Beauty knows no borders, hopefully these tips help you out when packing for your next adventure.

Ciao bellas,



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