Head’s in the clouds

My snapchat and Instagram stories have been full of people jetting away to an exotic location lately. The standard snap at the airplane steps always gives me a lil pang of jealousy. In fairness, I’ve done my own fair share of travel lately and it’s not long until I’m off again. *DISCLAIMER* if you thought I was a melter in Prague with my social media updates it’ll be nothing compared to my holiday at the end of the month. Sorry not sorry.

There’s nothing better than airport excitement. Wandering through duty free dousing yourself in all da Tom Ford Neroli Portofino, maybe getting a cheeky glass of prosecco and reading trashy magazines. Bliss.

So, picture the scene. You’ve got your airport chic look on point, sunglasses perched on your head because you’re headed for sun despite leaving a borderline hurricane. You’re rocking the M.A.C lipstick you justified buying in the Departures lounge because who can resist saving £2 on a colour you’re rarely gonna wear but you think screw it, I’m on my holidays. Then, disaster strikes. You’ve barely made it through the safety demo and you can physically feel the moisture being sucked out of your body and your skin shrivelling like a prune because of the harsh AC.

Travelling can be extremely harsh on our skin. Luckily for you, I’m sharing my staples I carry with me to make sure I have that smug glow of a girl who has left her work phone behind and is saying toodaloo to dreary Scotland and hello sunshine.

Moisture me up

Best thing you can do before a flight is prep your skin for what’s about to come. My all time, hands down favourite moisturiser when my skin is really dehydrated is the Clinique Moisture Surge 72-Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator (previously, Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief). This is a drink for your face and its lightweight, gel texture makes your skin feel hydrated but not sticky. You can use it twice daily as a moisturiser or lay it on a little thicker like a mask. If you’re on a long haul flight and like to go without makeup, lay this on and let it seal your skin to lock in moisture throughout the flight.

Fake it to you make it

That early 6am flight is great for getting you to your destination nice and early but with it comes a painful alarm setting. You may not have gotten your beauty sleep but there’s no reason it should show on your face. Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair serum is sleep in a bottle. My Mummy swears by this stuff and I honestly could not live without it. It enhances skin renewal so you wake up looking glowy and well rested. Put this on the night you arrive at your destination so you make up for all the sleep you didn’t have the night before. You can also put in on during the day. You can sweep it over the face, over makeup with a powder brush or rub it on your hands and pat into the skin. Your skin will get a little boost and look healthy and radiant. Psst, baby 10ml bottles of this are always included in Estee Lauder’s Gift With Purchase. I keep the little bottles and decant my full-sized serum into it so it’s travel friendly.

Spritz me happy

When you’re in the air, sometimes you need a pick me up to perk you up ahead of all the exploring you’re going to do when you arrive. A lot of the sprays out there are over priced for what they are – which is water. I like to use something that not only gives me that instant lift, but actually helps my skin, without the hefty price tag. Marula oil is a lightweight, fast absorbing oil. It’s full of anti-oxidants, nutrients and fatty acids to protect against environmental aggressors, boost cellular growth and repair the skin. Pretty sweet eh? This can be used on its own but I like to mix it with water to create a spray. Pick up an empty spray bottle Poundland, fill the bottle with roughly 1-part oil and 3 parts water. Give it a good old shake and spritz on the face as you would a setting spray. Your skin feels energised and the oil will treat your skin. Be warned, there are a lot of brands out there that sell Marula (*cough* Crème De La Mer at a sweet £170) but remember, this is a cold pressed oil that comes from a tree, not the fountain of youth. I buy my 100% pure Marula oil from eBay – £1.99. You’re welcome.

Lock those lips

My lips are always the first to suffer in the air and it makes me so agitated. Mostly because my bright, newly purchased M.A.C lipstick will crack on my lips. Nightmare. Good old Caramex is a good ‘un but for a more intense treatment I like the No7 Protect & Perfect Lip Care. It’s lightweight, creamy and makes my lips feel silky smooth. It also smells like doughnuts which I weirdly love. It’s usually £10 but Boots always run No7 voucher offers where you get £5 off skincare, so hold off then stock up!

You’re going to step off that plane, let that dry heat hit you up your intensely hydrated, glowy face, feeling like Kris Jenner dismounting her private jet.

Bye dolls,



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