Don’t Steal My Sunshine

Recently I’ve received a lot messages from people asking me for recommendations on “Summer Makeup”. In an ideal world, we’d go on holiday, let the sun do its thangg, make us cute, bronzed and proportionally freckly. We all know that in reality, we get inconveniently burnt along our hairline, end up flushed and flustered from the heat. It’s just not feasible sometimes to go completely makeup-less. Before anyone starts a tirade on me about how women shouldn’t be so dependent on makeup you can leave right now. Yes, there is nothing wrong with going sans makeup, we’re all 2kStunners but face facts. Some of us feel more confident and comfortable with a bit of coverage, especially if we’re self-conscious about our skin. I suffered from horrible acne when I was younger and the thought of stepping out the door without covering my “disgusting” skin terrified me. We are more scathing about our own appearance than we would ever be towards someone else. Luckily, my skin has cleared and I’m a lot more confident but shadows of my 15 year old self still remain so I completely understand why someone would want a little veil of comfort on their faces. Let’s be honest, the idea of getting your legs out after a long hard winter is traumatic enough. I got you girl.


So we want a bit of coverage on our faces but we also need to breathe in the heat. We’re not looking for anything heavy duty, keep it light. The obvious product that pops into our heads is a tinted moisturiser but a tinted moisturiser typical has zero coverage, it provides sheer colour which is nice, but we’re looking for an extra som’hin som’hin. My product of choice this summer is the bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel – £28. This is ultra-lightweight, has a beautiful shade range and most importantly buildable coverage. It isn’t too much, gives a beautiful glow and lets your skin still feel like skin. This is my replacement foundation during the day in a hot country. Don’t expect miracles though, it’s not hugely long lasting, most tinted moiturisers/bb/cc creams won’t be, but it will carry you through the most part of the day. Better still, it has SPF 30 sun protection so your face is protected.

If you’re walking around a city during the day, you’ll be more inclined to reach for the bareMinerals but when you’re lounging by the pool or beach you may not even need that much. One of my holiday staples is the Clinique City Block Sheer SPF – £19. This comes in SPF 25 and 45. It’s an oil free sun protector. It is a sheer product but has a beautiful golden based glow to it and evens out the skin tone. I use this as a primer when I’m away, the oil free properties help keep makeup on and the added SPF means no matter what I choose to put on my skin that day, I’m protected. A lot of sun creams break me out but this keeps my skin clear.

Throughout the day you’re gonna be warm and ultimately look a bit shiny. It’s natural but it’s good to have a powder to hand that will matte you down and provide some coverage to fill in the gap that has appeared on your top lip from wiping away the sweat – sexy. My favourite powder for summer is the Benefit Hello Flawless Customer Powder Cover Up – £29. It conveniently comes with a compact sponge and brush so is perfect for popping in your handbag. It’s a fine, lightweight powder that evens out the skin tone but also lets the skin breathe.

The last thing we’ll want when we’re trying to be Mediterranean chic is for our mascara to be streaming down our faces. Hot weather calls for waterproof mascara. My mascara of choice is the L’Oréal  Lash Paradise Waterproof mascara – £11.99. This smooth formula coats and treats the lashes. It provides suitable volume but doesn’t feel hard and clumpy like a lot of other waterproofs.


During the first few days while we’re waiting for that colour to hit you’ll want a nice blush to the cheeks. The Glossier Cloud Paint – £15 is my go to these days. It provides a natural pop of colour on the cheeks and blends like a dream. It comes in 4 different shades but I love Puff, a soft pink colour. It’s great for lasting throughout the day as it won’t rub off like powder.

The intermittent heat and AC will make our poor lil lips hacked af. You’ll want to keep them hydrated but I like a nice sheer colour on my lips to help mask how dehydrated and cracked they are. Clinique’s Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm – £18.50 is a must have. These come in a large variety of colours. They also have an intense range that borders on being a lipstick for the people out there who don’t like it too sheer. I have one of these in almost every colour but I’m a big fan of Mighty Mimosa – a coral/pink colour perfect for summer.

Don’t accept that you have to look like a flushed mess when you’re on your holidays, you can still look cool and chic no matter where you go. Ok, so maybe you’ll be sweating in places you never thought possible but if your face looks flawless, who can tell really.

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