“I’ll never let go Jack” – yeah right

We all know the classic scene, Rose on the raft, Jack freezing his a** off, she promises that she’ll hang on forever – instantly lets go. THERE WAS ROOM FOR TWO. Segway.

We all have our staples, our old faves, the things we can’t live without but sometimes we throw in a curveball, we give into the hype and try something new – guilty. Sometimes these become our new faves, they replace the things we swore we’d use for life and other times we’re waiting for the bottle to finish so we can go back and tell that mascara that we’ll never stray again.

I was going through my soap bag and realised I’m scraping the bottom of virtually all my products, pay cheque down the drain me thinks. Why does everything always run out at the same time? It’s like my skincare routine wants my bank balance to cry.

I thought I would go through all my empties and give you a yay or nay as to whether the product is for keeps or I’m letting go sooner than you can say Titanic.

Clinique Take the Day of Cleansing Balm

Go read my blog post on makeup removers for a full review of this bad boy but honestly I cannot live without this cleanser. As soon as I run out, I need another one which is why I’m heading straight to Boots tomorrow to pick up another.

Decidedly repurchasing? Always and forever

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Serum

I love love love this serum. Smells like a spa and feels so beautiful on your skin. You wake up with a face that looks well rested, glowing and feels baby smooth. It’s makes a regular appearance in my skincare routine for sure. However, I also love the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum. When I was younger and got that sweet sweet student loan I’d indulge in both but these days I have to pay for adult things like council tax (the worst kind of tax) so doubling up isn’t an option. To show that I love both my children equally I alternate between the two. When this bad boy runs out I’ll be getting ANR, but don’t worry, Midnight Recovery will be back.

Decidedly repurchasing? Most Definitely

Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream

I saw this feature on multiple online articles and recommendations so picked it up last time I needed an eye cream. The verdict? Meh. I was pretty underwhelmed by it to be honest. I didn’t see much of a difference in my undereyes and in all honesty, I went through the tub quite quickly. I pride myself on getting my money’s worth but I couldn’t make this last.

Decidedly repurchasing? It’s a no from me

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel

I’ve been using this moisturiser since I was 16 and for good reason. I just love it so much. It’s so lightweight and keeps my skin balanced at all times. I’m never extra shiny from my oiliness and yet feel suitably hydrated. Granted, during winter months, sometimes this moisturiser needs a little boost but I never abandon it. The classic yellow moisturiser acts like a sponge, it increased the skin’s ability to absorb moisture so it’s perfect for layering under other moisturisers for extra hydration. Again, I buy this always buttt I’m veryyy intrigued by the new Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly so this is next on my list.

Decidedly repurchasing? Of course, just not now

Alpha-H Liquid Gold

Again, this featured on another blog about breakouts, at least you guys know I actually use all this stuff! If you want a full breakdown, take a look. I do really like this product but I’ve been dying to use the Pixi Glow Tonic. The reason I haven’t used it yet was because this stuff is pricy and I wanted to finish it off before trying something new. Plus, as both contain glycolic acid it didn’t make sense to have two products in my routine.

Decidedly repurchasing? Not sure, I feel I could be swayed…

Clinique Smart SPF15 Moisturiser

This moisturiser was…fine. It did what it said on the tin, hydrated and protected my face in the sun but other than that I didn’t see any difference if I’m honest and for a whopping £49 per jar it would need to be working miracles for a repurchase.

Decidedly repurchasing? What do you think…

It’s good to have those products that we always come back to but it’s still nice to try something new. I love having my staples but I can sometimes be persuaded…watch this space.

Bye for now,



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