Find Your Luxe with Bobbi

When I think of Bobbi Brown I think, simplicity, class, with a lil pop of colour. The brand is famous for creating stunning makeup looks, accenting the most beautiful aspect of a confident woman – her natural beauty. Their looks are clean and flawless but not without a daring edge. Bobbi has created some of the most stunning lipstick shades I have ever tried. She convinced me to purchase what only can be described as a powerful pink which, when I sweep it over my lips, has me walking with a bounce in my step (Bright Peony for anyone who wants to know). So when I was invited to the Bobbi Brown Studio on George St. Edinburgh to receive the full makeover using their new limited edition collection – Camo Luxe, I jumped at the chance.


It may sound silly to talk about a store’s décor when describing a makeup brand but if I’m honest, it really had an impact on my experience. Bobbi Brown stores channel a photo studio so you feel like you’re receiving the A-List treatment. At the same time, it’s warm and inviting, as if Bobbi herself has invited you to sit at her vanity station.

The fabulous Jessica, my makeup artist, sat me down and chatted with me about my usual style of makeup, the look I wanted to go for, any products I was desperate to try. I feel like she got me from the get go and I was in safe hands. As a makeup artist myself, I’m always dubious to let other people near my face, but Jessica personified the brand of Bobbi Brown. She got to know me, and was clear that she would make me the best version of myself.

We started off with some skincare. I have always adopted the mantra that good makeup starts with a good base. Luckily, Bobbi agrees. These products are enriched with vitamins and minerals to nourish the skin and bring out your inner glow. Plus, they smell insane! We started with the Soothing Oil Cleanser which melted away my makeup and felt dreamy on the skin. After using the Hydrating Eye and Tonic the final step of skin prep was the Vitamin Enriched Face Base. This magic pot is bursting with vitamins to treat the skin and ensure your makeup stays put. Plus, did I mention? It smells incredible!!


Now let’s get onto the exciting stuff, Jessica used the new Camo Luxe eyeshadows in Jungle Luxe and Incandescent Luxe. These mighty little shadows can be used dry or wet. Oh hunni, these babies did not come to play! I’m talking pigment for dayssss. As soon as the dampened Jungle was swept over my lid I near wept for joy. The olive green had hints of gold, but when the light hit it just right we saw pink, we saw amber, we were little Judy Garland wanting to hop over the rainbow. I wanted a more smokey, sultry look so Jessica used this all over the eye and give me the signature Bobbi smoke with the blended-out Forest Shimmer Gel Liner along my top lash line. She topped the look off with the Eye Opening Mascara. Talk about eye opening, I could have swept you off your feet with these bad boys! The curl was out of this world!


Once we finished colour we moved onto the face. Using the Skin Longwear Weightless Foundation, we created my skin, but better. This foundation is stunning, hides all sins as well as feeling lightweight on the skin. The Nude Finish Powder though was my favourite, with my oily skin it mattified me just right but give me the most beautiful, healthy glow. I was living for my face. Think Sleeping Beauty’s Step Mum in front of that mirror.

When it came to my brows I told Jessica I wanted the classic Bobbi look, so using the simple Cement Eyeshadow she gently filled out and defined my brows. The store also has an in-house brow salon at the back where they tame your wild brows but still leave them fluffy and natural.


To top it off we added that hint of colour to tie everything together. I chose one of the new Luxe Matte lipsticks in Tawny Pink. Most matte lips these days are thick and dry but this felt borderline powdery and weightless on my lips. Plus the colour was a stunning rose pink.

After my face was finished I had to take a step back, my skin looked incredible. It looked healthy, radiant, I looked like a Bobbi girl.

The full makeup experience is a sweet £30 which is redeemable against all products. In my eyes, I see this as a free makeover after paying the £32 for my new foundation. I’m a glass half full kinda gal.


The Bobbi Brown brand is renowned for helping women feel confident in their skin, radiating natural beauty and bringing things back to basics. It was safe to say that after the wonderful experience I had with Jessica and her team I felt like the prettiest girl at the party and I somehow think, that’s exactly how Bobbi wanted me to feel.

I hope you find your luxe my beauties,



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