I keep on falling…in love with Autumn

Ah October, the leaves are falling, the temperatures are dropping and the winter colours are making an appearance. It’s a season for us basic b*tches, give me all the knits, the plum nails and the seasonal coffees. Guilty.

One thing I love about this time of year is the shift in makeup looks. I’m constantly reaching for my soft coppers and browns for my smokey eye and of course – those winter lips. The plums, the reds, the deep browns – come at me.

Here’s a list of my “Fall” staple lips that I feel myself reaching for throughout the cooler seasons. These colours are rich and pop when some of us have skin that looks a lil paler from the lack of vitamin D…pale girl problems.

I’m keeping this post word-light because let’s be real, you just want to see all the plummy goodness. I got you boo.


MAC Matte Lipstick in Chili – £17.50

 This is a gorgeous every day red with an almost burnt orange undertone – give me cosy nights in with a real fire please.


Armani Lip Magnet in Vibrato- £30

I adore this colour it’s a deep brick red and when I wore this on my Instagram you all went ches-nuts for it. See what I did there?


NARS Audacious Lipstick in Bette – £26

It’s rich, it’s purple-y pink shade gives us the vampy vibes but the only thing this will be scaring is your bank balance.


Estee Lauder Pure Colour Envy Liquid Colour in Bittersweet – £26

The perfect, intense plum shade that gives me all the mulled wine feels even though I’m aware there are no plums in mulled wine…

This colour unfortunately is discontinued butttt Orchid Flare is pretty damn close to snatch that one!


With colours as rich as an Ostrich leather Birkin you’ll be ready to take on the season like a boss. If I was you, I’d find a way for these to fall straight into your makeup bag.

Bye my lovelies,



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