From Emails to Cocktails

We all remember those Boots adverts where the girls would be doing their makeup at their desks ahead of the big office party. I could never understand that, why wouldn’t you go home and get super glam so you can walk into that party like Beyoncé doing Crazy in Love. Back then I was 11 and had no concept of the realities of working life. In actual fact, you have limited time to change in the toilets while hopping on one foot and slapping on some lipstick to nip to a meeting room to get the good wine before boozy Sharon necks it all.

Never fear, just because you have limited time doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice looking fabulous. You’ve applied your tan, you stopped yourself eating the copious amounts of Roses in the office and you spent ages finding that perfect LBD. You deserve to show allllla dis off. I once read an interview with Kate Moss who said that when running between shows and parties during fashion week without dressing rooms or mirrors, she perfected winged liner and that iconic messy hair look. If she can do it, so can you.

fullsizerender-10                              Before


Ideally, we’d love to nip to MAC and have a glitter cut crease done but resources and time are limited so let’s work with what we have. Best thing you can do is grab an easy to use eyeshadow palette. I love the Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palettes, they have insane pigments with a solid glitter shadow and dark matte for that perfect smoke. Uptown Girl is a favourite of mine. Take the glitter shade and apply it all over the eye to make your eyes pop like those prosecco bottles. You can use the darkest shade on the outer corners as well as under the eye for a smokey, deeper look.

If you feeling confident like Mossy, work that flick.


You worked you’re a** off to get that report finished so you could finish early today by pulling late nights this week, unfortunately your eye bags are the only fruits of your labour.  You need concealer. YSL’s Touche Eclat is perfect, lightweight and luminous to brighten under the eye and make you look fresh as a daisy.


Christmas is not complete without a highlight. The Melt Digital Dust highlighter is blinding – perfect for the festive season. Go to town hunni and no one will pick up on the fact that you want to deck Jessica from upstairs for that sassy comment about that report being late. DO ONE JESSICA YOU SOUND NOTHING LIKE MARIAH AT KARAOKE.


Christmas is not complete without a bold lip and nothing says festive like red. Matte red, glossy red, metallic red, who cares, get it ON.


It’s tricky one, you want to look different but you don’t have the means to go get yourself a bouncy blow-dry. I find the best way to create the drama is to whip it up. Keep your hair down during the day, say nothing, they put your hair in a slicked back bun and hello Kendall Jenner. Alternatively, curl your hair in the morning, keep it in a loose pony then take it down, do a Tina Turner hair flick and BOOM, you’re ready.

fullsizerender-9                              After

Five steps that take you from weary Wednesday to fabulous Friday in seconds. You look fab, you feel fab, work it gal.

Ta ta for now,



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