2018 – The Best Bits

Another year ends, another begins – ground-breaking. I’m not really one for nostalgia when it comes to a new year so if you’re wanting a soppy blog post, you’ve come to the wrong place. One thing I should reflect on though is this lil blog. She’ll be a year soon and I’m so glad I started. I’ve met so many amazing people both in Edinburgh where I live and around the world over DMs. I really want to take a minute to thank each and every one of you for every like, comment, message, read, share of my blog and Instagram. It genuinely means the world to me so please please keep reaching out. I love a good chat with you all!

I saw a lot of people on Instagram doing a year roundup of their memories and milestones, I’m not doing that but I am going to do a list of a few of my favourite things of 2018.

Makeup Product – Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter

It’s creamy, dewy and dreamy. Wear it alone with makeup, under makeup, whatever your heart desires. Love.


Skincare Product– Keihl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate

This is something I picked up towards the end of 2018 but I fell in love. It’s the perfect morning pick me up and is a new staple in my skincare routine.


Body Product – Dry Body Brush

It’s painful but revitalising and my skin feels like a new born afterwards. This routine is begrudgingly going into 2019 with me.


Page I Followed – Desiree Mattsson @desiree_mattsson

A Norwegian photographer, her pictures are incredible. She’s featured in Vogue and Vanity Fair to name a few, think high fashion avant garde – enough said.


Artist I Discovered – Danessa Myricks Beauty @danessa_myricks

Her studio looks are incredible, her page makes me drool and she’s a constant source of inspiration for me.


Celebrity Look – Hung Vanngo for Bella Hadid Paris Fashion Week

I love when artists do crazy looks that accentuate the features of the model. Bella has these stunning snake-like eyes and I love when artists add drama with a wing or smoked look on her. Hung nailed it with this, it was gold, it was shimmery, it was smoke – it was fire. Partnered with a nude lip and simple base, he nailed it.


Look of Mine

To anyone else this may not have gotten the most likes on insta  but this was a blurred liner technique that I’d watching on YouTube countless times and finally did successfully myself. It was proof that my technique and style can always be improved with practice – I was really chuffed with this!


Look I Did on Someone Else

This was my beautiful Mama going to a wedding. We kept it simple with a dewy base and blush tones but she was radiant. What I loved most was being with her all day, hearing people compliment her makeup and see her lil face light up. She told me she felt so pretty and to me, that’s all I want for anyone who sits in my chair. Your makeup should make you feel like the prettiest person in the land and she was. This picture will always make me smile.


What I’m looking forward to this year…

I could talk all about new product launches etc. but one thing I’m really focused on is getting back to the whole motivation for starting this blog. All I ever want to do is get people as excited about makeup as I am. No, not to make everyone masters at contour or cut crease but to fall in love with how makeup can make you feel. I love being able to help someone come out of themselves, be brave, try that bold lip, attempt a wing liner, be the person you want to be. So that’s what I’m going to do. Watch this space people because I’m bubbling with ideas and creativity so stick around for the ride.

Happy New Year you lovely lot.



For bookings please email decidedlyeve@gmail.com

For Instagram posts of my work and general makeup loveliness see @decidedlyeve






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