Hit me with the HD

I’m just going to start off by saying, this product was kindly gifted to me from HD Brows however I have not been paid for any posts, blogs or Instagram stories so all these opinions are my own!! So chill out people.

The HD Brows Pro Fix Concealer (£16.50) as advertised on their website is:

“full coverage concealer blurs imperfections and brightens the appearance of dark circles. The lightweight formula blends effortlessly to give an airbrushed, skin-smoothing finish that feels comfortable on the skin and stays put all day long”.

When it comes to reviews let’s just break it down nice and easy.

Price: Any high-end concealer under £20 is pretty decent to me. Tarte Shape Tape (love) is £23 and NARS Creamy Concealer is £24 (also love) so the price point is pretty lucrative.


Packaging: This concealer comes in a black squeezy tube with a narrow tip. I really like this aspect as it’s more hygienic and easy to handle especially if you’re applying it on other people and you have the control so you don’t use too much product. Although, the fact it’s black means it gets dirty quite quickly, mines was soon covered in foundation etc.

Shade Range: I was gifted with three shades, Vanilla, Fair and Nude (the three lightest shades).  The concealer only holds 7 shades so isn’t very extensive especially for deeper skin tones which is disappointing. The tones are also quite warm, there’s no cool or red/pink tones so those with different complexions may find it difficult to get the right one for them. My best shade is Fair but I’ve mixed in a little Nude when I have more tan on which works well.


Coverage: There’s no doubt the coverage in this concealer is unreal. A little goes a longggg way so I can see one tube lasting a long time. It’s a little on the thicker side so you do need to work it in the skin in order to get it blended out. If you’re looking to really brighten the eye, then it’s a winner however for dark circles and shadows? I don’t think so. Anyone with dark circles need more of a red/orange tone to their concealer to cancel out the dark circles. I can’t speak for the darker shades as I haven’t tested these but pale girls will struggle to cover up circles with the tones of this concealer.

Finish: Matte. Can’t beat around the bush with this one. If I want a nice glowy, healthy look this isn’t the concealer I’d reach for as there’s no lift in it at all.

Longevity/Wear: Due to the matte nature of this concealer I did observe a bit of creasing under my eye although this isn’t a deal breaker for me. I have a really animated face (I don’t shut up) so I tend to have creases around my eyes from giggling too much and for me, this isn’t a bad thing. The concealer didn’t budge the whole time I wore it, I was really impressed. My more hydrating concealers can sometimes dull throughout the day but this stayed in place.


When to use this: When you’re going for an intense, full coverage look.

Overall verdict? This is a great concealer. The coverage is great, I like the packaging and the price point is affordable for me. I am aware though that I’m lucky my shade is catered for, others may struggle and this is a downside for me. When I recommend or review something for you guys I want you to be able to try it for yourselves so that’s my main negative.

Buy again? Possibly, I do like it but do I love it more than my other concealers? No.

Hope this helps you lovely lot,



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