Come on…Vogue

So, my Irish sisters have been killing it lately with the tan game. I’ve already professed my love for Suzanne Jackson’s (aka SoSueMe) Dripping Gold so when Vogue Williams announced she was releasing a tan range, obviously, it was all aboard the hype train.

Let’s get down to it. There’s a few checks that have to be ticked before I’ll declare my love for a tan:

  1. Smooth application
  2. Significant colour after one application
  3. Buildable
  4. None-scaly fading

I’m a tan junkie and since dying my hair a lighter blonde, the need for my tan to always be on point is even more of a necessity. With that said, Vogue had high standards to adhere to, so let’s see if she met them…

Packaging: The packaging is cute. Clean, simple, classy.

Formula: The tan comes in two formulas: lotion and mousse. I prefer a mousse as I find it much easier to apply than a lotion.

Price/Availability: For my girls back home in Ireland you can pick up a bottle in a heap of stores across the country from chemists to Dunnes to Primark. For my girls on mainland UK, you’ll only be able to get it online. The base price of the tan is €25 (£22) which is a little pricy in my opinion. A lot of the tans on the high street are between £15-£20. Add on shipping (€4.75) this tan cost me almost £30 which is a lot, especially at the rate I use it. This is also ironic considering Vogue now lives in London and is married to a Made in Chelsea star. Her English mates wouldn’t even be able to get their hands on this instantly.

Smell: A lot of people get really touchy on the subject of tan smell but it doesn’t really bother me. Unsurprisingly, if you lather yourself in brown liquid then snuggle under a duvet, tossing and turning, breaking a sweat then of course you’re gonna smell a bit funky come morning. This tan does however smell really nice to apply but you will smell by the am. Fear not gals, crack open a window and spray some febreeze – sorted.

Shades: The tan comes in 3 shades: Medium, Dark and Ultra Dark. Vogue herself wears Ultra dark. She has a lovely olive complexion and looks to take a good natural tan in the sun whereas my skin on the other hand, resembles white paper so thought the Ultra Dark would be too extreme for me. To play it safe I ordered the Dark.

Application: This tan goes on really smoothly. It’s a light, smooth mousse. I applied it with a velvet tan mitt which every tan addict should invest in.

This was my skin, freshly exfoliated, with no tan


I applied one layer and, in the morning, I had a nice base. Is this a “I look like I’m just back from 2 weeks in the Bahamas” kinda shade? No. But it is nice and natural. A few people in work commented on how nice and natural my tan looked. If you’re pale, like me and looking for an easy, one layer, ahead of a big night out then I’d say Dark is too light for you. If you’re looking to gradually build up your tan, then this could be ok.

This was my skin after one application post showering


The tan is definitely buildable and didn’t look too dark when I applied my second layer

This was my skin after the second application, post showering.


Progression/Fading: Some tans, even when you shower in the morning, will keep progressing throughout the day. I would say this isn’t the case for the Bare tan. What you are in the morning, is what you’ll be at the end of the day. In terms of fading, I was really impressed with it. Towards the end of the week, I tend to find my skin is patchy, scaly, and I’m dying to scrub it all off. Vogue said on Instagram she doesn’t tend to exfoliate, just lets the tan fade then reapplies and she’s actually kinda right. This tan faded at a nice pace and I applied another layer without looking patchy.

Verdict: For a natural, buildable tan I think this is a winner. It would be especially good for girls like me, who take tan on holidays. You can top it up and not worry about having to scrub your skin within an inch of its life.

For my girls with deeper skin tones, the Dark wasn’t mega dark for me so maybe some of you may find the Ultra Dark doesn’t really cut it for the shade you’re aiming for.

The price is the only issue for me. £30 is expensive for an everyday tan yet I wouldn’t really consider this my “event” tan. Most likely if I’m going somewhere I’d reach for my Dripping Gold.

Would I buy again? Yes, but I’ll be nipping round to Dunnes when I’m next home. No way am I forking out almost a fiver for delivery.

Bye for now my tan junkies,



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