Operation: Tan

Nothing puts me in a better mood than tan. I feel sleek, I feel slim, I feel like the bronze goddess I know I can be. Good tan however, requires good preparation. I have my tan routine down to a T. Smooth application + no patchiness it’s a win. Stay tuned if you want the run down.


Everyone and their mother tells you to exfoliate, pre tan. This is good for two reasons.

  1. It removes any leftover tan.
  2. It smooths any roughness on the skin for better application. Tan will cling to dry skin and make you look like you have a skin condition – so get rid of it.


I always found that I spent more time rubbing off my tan with a towel post shower when I used wet body scrubs. Now I use a dry body brush. Exactly what it says on the tin, it’s a hard-bristled brush to be used on dry skin to scrub away dead cells on the surface of the skin. Start from the feet upwards in circular motions. It’s sore, I can’t lie, but it’s great for silky smooth skin. Afterwards, hop in the shower to rinse off all the flakes. I recommend waiting a few minutes before showering, not unless you want the shower to feel like the fiery flames of hell licking your skin.



After you scrub your skin within an inch of its life, be kind and give it some TLC. Apply a body lotion to soothe it. Stay away from body butters as these can leave a layer of oil on the skin that will mess up your tan application later. Leave your skin for an hour or so before you go to apply your tan.


I use a velvet mitt for tan over a glove or sponge mitt. The velvet texture gives you a smoother, even application and I find you use less tan. Apply a pump on the mitt and rub onto the skin in circular motions. Best to do this in front of a full-length mirror so you can check for any blank patches.


Hands and feet can be tricky and will always be a tell-tale sign that you’re wearing false tan if they’re overly patchy or dark. To overcome this a friend (hey Kate) recommended I use a stippling brush and it’s the best thing since sliced bread. Pump a small amount of tan onto your mitt and swirl the brush into it, make sure not to have too much product on the brush as we’re dealing with a smaller surface. Then take your brush and again, in circular motion, stipple the tan onto your hands/feet. Be conscious in making sure you cover in-between your fingers and lines of your knuckles to avoid white patches.


That’s it! This is how I apply my tan every week. The key is to get a decent, even, base layer and then you can build on it for a deeper colour and all over glow.

If you want to see this process in action, check out my Instagram page @decidedlyeve for a video of me doing all the above.

Bye bye, my bronze goddesses.




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