Brr, it’s cold in here. There must be something in the atmosphere

P.S. it’s air conditioning. I don’t know how people in warmer climates do it. The hot to the cold and back again. A few hours in harsh air conditioning and my skin is shot. This post may be targeted more at my un-climatised UK readers who shrivel like a raisin when that chill hits.

I was in hospital last week (don’t worry, I’m fine) but spent hours in a drafty ward which had the potential to dry out my skin but I managed to dodge it. I’m going to share with you how I did it. *SPOILER* it’s no magic, it was moisturiser.



You guessed it. The first thing you apply to a dry face is a good old hydrating moisturiser. Before going into hospital, I applied an intense moisturiser and mask to overcompensate for the moisture I would lose over the next 24hrs. Preparation is always a good place to start – lessens the blow. Before going in I used the Clinique Moisture Surge Hydrating Supercharged Concentrate. It plumped up my face and did a good job in keeping it that way. I am a fan favourite of the Clinique Moisture Surge range, especially the Extended Thirst Relief. I’ve yet to find a better range so if you’re dehydrated and flaky then check it out.



After being put under and sleeping for hours my eyes were puffy and tired. I used the Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado which perfectly soothed them and restored lost moisture. Under eye is the thinnest skin on our face so it always needs some extra TLC. For me, this eye cream is a summer staple. Does the job and a little goes a long way.


Intense Treatment

 I woke up with a flaky forehead and dry nose. The Dr Botanicals Lemon Superfood All-In-One Rescue Butter was a savour for those stubborn areas. I was kindly gifted this product, but I HAVE NOT BEEN PAID FOR THIS. Sorry to be aggressive but people are v touchy these days on disclaimers. I was not obliged to even post about this product, I simply got sent it, tried it, liked it, and I’m sharing it with you. This butter absorbed so quickly and left my skin plump and glowing. It’s a great multi-purpose treatment that can be used as a hand cream, lip balm as well as on the face. I only need to use it on my lips once a day and never feel the need to reapply. I always have cracked lips, so this was reason enough to keep using it. I personally wouldn’t use this all over the face as I’m oily and the moisture is quite intense. Perhaps if you’re very dry you could use it as a mask, but I would recommend keeping it on only for a 5-10mins max and rinse it off.



After the ordeal I wanted to give my skin a boost, so I used my trusty Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate before my moisturiser.  I loveeeee this product so much. It smells heavenly and I wake up to glowy, rested skin. 5 drops into the palm of your hand, rub hands together and press onto the face. I always reach for this when my skin is dehydrated as it’s soothing, calming and restores my face.

If you know your skin is going to endure harsh conditions out of the ordinary, I would recommend a lightweight, hydrating moisturiser and creamy eye cream, even if your skin is oily. No on is safe under the tyranny of the air conditioner. The other products are a nice to have but the job can be done by a power duo of products for the face and eye area. Building up moisture before you encounter cool, artificial air is beneficial but sometimes we simply forget and that’s ok. This is a safe space guys.

May your skin always be supple and flake-free.





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