Au Naturale…kinda

Your skin is looking banging, you’re trying to embrace your inner earth mother and feminist warrior telling you, you don’t need a full face of makeup, you do you hunni. All this is good in theory, but come on, you can’t go cold turkey, right?

The only people who can pull off 2 second, no makeup, makeup is Gigi Hadid, the rest of us, need a little bit more attention. Don’t fret, I’ll walk you through the prep you need to give you that light, glowy, fresh look…just allocate as much time as you would a normal, full face day…



The little makeup that we are applying still needs to last a 9 2 5 so primer is necessary. I adore the Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base which hydrates the skin and keeps makeup on. Plus, it smells dreamy.

Colour Correct

If you have redness, sallowness or dark circles/marks, chances are, concealer won’t cut it. Use green concealer on blemish marks and scars, use orange under the eyes. You’ll look like the joker, but trust the process. Soap and Glory Kick Ass colour sticks come in a range of colours for just this.


To give that healthy glow, apply a liquid highlight or primer across the high points of the face to even out the skin tone and brighten. The Hylamide Photography foundation gives a healthy, bronze look in a flash.


One aspect of no makeup, makeup that cannot be avoided is concealer. Use a thicker concealer for blemishes and a radiant, hydrating concealer for under the eye. Buff it into the skin with a beauty blender to blend out evenly.


To tie it all together and even everything out use a small amount of light, radiant foundation or powder. A powder will give a matte coverage, if you want to look borderline wet, go for foundation. My go to is the Double Wear Nude Water foundation. It’s water based and light weight so it won’t weigh you down.


To warm the skin and to contour (if you like) use a bronzer or contour stick. The Fenty shimmer stick in Sinnamon is a gorgeous bronze that can define and warm the face. Blush can divide people but I like a healthy colour to pop on the cheeks.


This, I feel is a must for glowwwww. Opt for a liquid or cream highlight to melt into the skin instead of sitting on the surface. The Kiko Radiance Stick is my favourite.

If only we could whack on a few drops of concealer and mascara and look like Kendall Jenner but alas, here we are. It takes a little bit more time, but personally, I’ve been enjoying a lighter approach to my makeup routine.

Bye my natural beauties,



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