Quarantine Skin You Guys, is This Necessary?

We’re all indoors, we’re dealing with a global crisis, we miss our friends, normal life and we’re seriously doubting what we will do when we finally finish watching all of Modern Family. Then what happens? Our skin becomes as dry as a rusty nail and we’ve so many breakouts we look like we’ve recently taken up a meth habit.


Most of us are probably wearing little to no makeup, slapping on face masks like they’re going out of fashion and yet, our skin is worse than it was before all this hooha began.

Just 2 weeks ago, a fellow comrade (source)  posted on Reddit the words we’ve all asked:

“is anyone else’s skin much worse in quarantine?”

The question was up-voted by 98% of respondents and got 555 comments. I loved one person’s response: “Yes but it’s probably due to my diet of Cadbury eggs and tequila” (source) – guilty but it got me thinking of all the contributors that could be causing our skin to go haywire.

People have most likely started conducted studies on this and you could probably find a thought-provoking piece from some dermatologist with a PhD in the New York Times, but I like to think I know a bit about skin. On counter I heard it all, I saw it all and I’ve experienced a lot myself in between. So, I’m going to give you my two cents, take it or leave it folks.


You’re touching your face

Oh, that old chestnut. You’re not wearing makeup, great, but because you don’t have to worry about wiping anything off, you’re free to rub your grimy hands all over your face and pick at all those spots.

My solution? Put on a little bit of makeup, even just some concealer and powder to remind you you have it on. Or, if you’re enjoying being makeup free, start paying more attention to what your hands are doing. If you find yourself touching your face do 5 burpees as a forfeit. You’ll either end up fit with sh*t skin or have it clear as an infant.

You’re not cleansing your face

This is one I can relate to. If I have a no makeup day and lounging round the house, I tend to abandon my normal nighttime routine. My skin was clean all day so why clean it again, right? WRONG. Reminder of Point 1. You’ve been touching your face, lying on sofa cushions, had ketchup dribbled down your chin and may have gone outside for a bit. All that means it did get dirty, so you gotta cleanse babe.

You’re experimenting with products

Your parent/partner/sibling/mate got you a chic skincare set for Christmas that you never bothered using, but you’ve all this time so give it a go. Introducing new products into your routine, especially a few at once can be too much for your skin. If you do have a set sitting there, try phasing in one product a week. Then, if you do take a reaction you can isolate which product caused it and avoid it in future.

There is such a thing as skincare overdrive

You went from barely cleansing and slapping on some Nivea to double cleansing, scrubbing, masking, moisturising, adding a serum and performing a ritual sacrifice. For a daily routine, cleansing and moisturising is sufficient. Sure, do a lil scrub and a mask once a week but remember the difference between and treatment and a daily product. All products have recommended usage on the back so take a gander and pay attention!


Not even gonna credit this with a decent response, just use it, please.

Put down the banana bread hun

You finally secured some yeast after engaging in a dodgy exchange that resembled a drug deal between you and Mary in No. 6 so you’re whipping out loaves Paul Hollywood would give you a handshake for. You gotta ask yourself, would you be eating fresh bread smothered in homemade jam with a side of scrambled eggs with a chorizo hash every morning if this wasn’t happening? Chances are, no. I am in no way shaming anyone for eating during quarantine. I myself been encouraging myself to eat the damn cake because like is tough enough right now. But you have to look at it from this perspective, if your diet has taken a dramatic turn (not just talking sugar, portions, time of the day, frequency etc.) then it’s going to show on your skin.

Change your sheets

If like me, you’ve been spending more time in bed then you have to be washing your sheets more frequently. Same goes for sofa cushions, when you’re next snuggled down to watch Moana on Disney+ ask yourself when was the last time you put those covers in for a spin…eugh.


Hello stress, my old friend

Whether you’ve been a bundle of anxiety this whole time or been ultra-pragmatic and upbeat, there’s a lot going on right now and our skin is the tell-tale sign. You’re stressed, then your skin isn’t co-operating which is making you more stressed or you’ve been coping ok but your skin is nuts which makes you a bag of confusion and self-doubt trickles in. Good thing is, I can honestly say I haven’t spoken to 1 other female in my life who hasn’t commented on their skin. We’re all going through it, we all look like crap or at least feel it so take a breath, this too shall pass. Slap on some sudo crème or that sheet mask, just make sure you have your camera disabled when you answer that next work call…I wish I could say this has never happened to me…

Stay safe lovelies,



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