No Salon? No Problem

Lads, I don’t know about you, but I sure am missing the humble beauty salon. Hairdressers, nail technicians, beauty therapists, I took you for granted, and for that, I apologise.

Despite isolation, we’re not wild beasts so self-care doesn’t need to be totally disregarded. There are some things we can do to pamper ourselves and maintain some sense of normalcy.


No doubt you’ve been flat out using hydration masks, charcoal masks, peels and scrubs but there are some home remedies that won’t run up huge Cult Beauty bills and use what’s in your kitchen. Stay with me on this one.

Eyes: I’ve seen a lot of endorsements for eye masks and gel sheets. While extremely cooling and good at reducing puffiness from restless sleep they’re so wasteful. Use ‘em once and dump ‘em. Emission levels have plummeted so don’t adopt bad habits now people. Alternative? Teabags. Yep, my Mum used to put these on my eyes in the height of hayfever season. According the Healthline (source), the caffeine in black and green teas constrict the blood vessels under the eye which helps reduce puffiness. You’ll find caffeine in a lot of popular eye creams targeting puffiness and dark circles. Once you’ve had your brew, leave the bags on a dish to cool for 20-30mins. For added cooling, pop into the fridge but don’t leave too long otherwise they’ll dry out.

Face: Probiotic yoghurt on the face for a few minutes can reduce redness in rosacea and acne sufferers. The introduction of healthy bacteria reduces inflammations and promotes healthy cell function. There’s a reason a nurse at one point in your life advised you put yoghurt on your fandango when you had a case if thrush ladies…



  1. Make a scrub* with 2-part sugar, 1-part oil (can be of your choice but use extra virgin olive or coconut for better quality)
  2. Soak your feet in water with bubble bath of choice
  3. Rub feet with the scrub
  4. Rinse, apply intensive foot or hand cream
  5. Wear cotton socks to bed and wake up with freakishly smooth feet

*This scrub can also be used on the lips, rubadubdub, rinse, and apply lip balm before bed


I’m working from home and while I’m typing away, it depresses me to look at stubby nails so manicures are something I can’t live without. I’m a huge fan of false nails. You can buy them clear, shape and paint them for a salon finish or you can buy pre-styled ones – stick them on and go. KISS and Elegant Touch are my favourites. KISS have a huge range of patterns and prints to choose from.

You can also get UV lamps for under £50 if you want to dress up your natural nail.



Blondes: DO NOT BLEACH YOUR HAIR. It will most likely fall out and your stylist will not be happy so please, please don’t do it. I’m seriously struggling, I’ve roots deeper than Grandmother Willow but we have to solider on! Try braiding your hair, stick on a head scarf, anything, just don’t bleach.

For my ladies with darker hair/prone to greys there’s lots of root touch ups out there that should take the harsh look off them and make you feel a lil better.


Tweezing should keep the bushes at bay but a word to my younger readers, use with caution. Google “00s eyebrows” to see what happens when you get tweezer happy. You were warned.

Maybelline and Eyelure do decent eyebrow tints if you want to try your hand at dyeing or just make it a regular routine to fill them in. Brows shape the face people so it’s understandable if you show them some love.

There’s a long road ahead of us comrades, but we shall make it through and god dammit, we’ll look good doing it. I wish you well on your voyage and pray no one loses an eyebrow en route. God speed.



For Instagram posts of my work and general makeup loveliness see @decidedlyeve


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