This Counts as an Essential Item, Yeah?

Our social lives have been ripped away from us and with that, our opportunity to spend our hard-earned cash. No more cocktails with the girls at the weekend, the hangover Chinese on a Sunday, bi-weekly ASOS deliveries and regular nail appointments. With all these outgoings now firmly halted, you might find you’ve a few more pennies than usual at the end of the month.

My initial reaction was “omg, is my banking app broken?” My second reaction was, “Eugh, do I really spend all that money on food/drink/Ubers?!” Mildly horrified and secretly buzzing, instead of coming up with a solid savings plan, to work towards buying adult purchases (like a house) I’ve been scouring the internet making a wish list of useless items I 100% don’t need but I have deemed essential to my lifestyle.

*Disclaimer*: It should be noted, before I continue, that this, like so many of my blog posts is tongue and cheek. In all honesty I have no intention of buying any of these items. This is simply a stream of consciousness that my boyfriend would roll his eyes at. This is a tough time for many financially, I am aware, but we can all laugh at the ridiculousness of consumerism and the lies we tell ourselves to fund our habits.

Jade Roller (£22)

Jade[photo cred: Cult Beauty]

When these lil guys first exploded onto the scene I rolled my eyes. Rubbing some stone on your face isn’t going to wipe away the years, who’d pay for that?! However, not everyone has been getting enough sleep so if, like me, you find your face is extra puffy in the morning you might have looked this up to even things out. Something about waking in the morning and rubbing a mineral that represents purification and loving heart energy adds a level of extra that I think I want to add to my life. [Link]

Larry King Shampoo (~£40)

Larry[photo cred: Larry King]

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I’ve had multiple breakdowns regarding my hair. If I’m going to have to look like a racoon for the foreseeable, my hair should at least be its healthiest. Hair stylist Larry King believes you need to use different shampoos every time you wash, depending on what your hair has been exposed to/condition it’s in that day. As a result, he’s come up with 4 different shampoos to make sure your hair’s needs are met:

City: Has antibacterial qualities plus vitamins to break down pollution and grime. Not as relevant today as most of us are barely walking out the door but for inner city gals, this could be for you.

Good: Nourishing and hydrating for when your hair has been exposed to a lot of heat, whether that’s atmosphere or tools.

Social: I think this could be a game changer. Instead of relying on styling products, this adds a grip to your hair as you’re washing to give better hold and volume. You may not get the silky, just washed feeling but if you want your hair to last an event/evening I think this could be worth it.

Liquid Hairbrush: This is the only conditioner in the range. The name says it all. This is supposed to lather up every strand of hair to prevent that split-second panic over whether you’ll have to take the scissors to the brush lodged in your hair. Could be good for those with thick hair that takes an hour to comb through. [Link]

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Serum Crystal Elixir (£60)


[photo cred: Cult Beauty]

Everyone always raved about Charlotte’s Magic Cream, but it was only when I received a sample sachet in my online order that I understood the hype. It instantly lifts your skin, brightens, hydrates – you name it, it does it. So, when this bad boy was released, I was instantly intrigued. A concentrated version of the incredible cream? Winner. The cream is £49 for 30ml and the serum is £60 for 30ml so it is pricier considering you’d probably need a moisturiser on top. Still want it though. [Link]

Iconic London Prep-Set-Glow (£22)


[photo cred: Iconic London]

This isn’t the most elaborate purchase but my usage of it would be a mood. It’s a setting spray with a pearlescent finish for added glow. I see myself keeping it beside my laptop and using it when needed:

  • Colleague irritating you? Glow
  • Sad you can’t have prosecco in the sunshine? Glow
  • Wondering what culinary masterpiece you can create with a stale piece of bread and a spring onion? Glow
  • Just need a reminder of what a badass, quarantine queen you actually are? Glow hunni


Silke Hair Wrap (£50)


[photo cred: Cult Beauty]

Ok, this is my most extra wish list item. I love a cute head scarf to use as a hairband while I’m washing my face. I’ve also been reaching for them more, now that I’m morphing into a brunette as each day passes. I use them more to keep my hair out of my face but wrapping your hair can protect it and keep it in shape. The Silke wrap is made from 100% mulberry silk, if you wear it while sleeping it protects against friction which can lead to frizz and split ends. It also can condition your hair to promote growth and boost thickness. I think though, if I do splurge on this, I must partner it with a silk kimono, work to become a New York socialite and plot to kill my rich husband so I inherit the millions. [Link]

I’d love to know if you have a wish list, maybe you’ve already purchased something that made you as happy as Rebecca Bloomwood when she bought that green scarf in Confessions of a Shopaholic. If you are fortunate enough to have some money set aside, there’s no shame in treating yourself to a “non-essential” item. You work hard, life right now, is hard, so if a silk head scarf will be welcome softness in your life then go for it.

Stay safe you lovely lot,



For Instagram posts of my work and general makeup loveliness see @decidedlyeve

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