The bare Minimum

If you’ve been reading my recent blog posts or follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen this product make an appearance a few times here and there. Although I’ve mentioned how much I love it I wanted to dedicate a post to it to give you the low down as I’ve had a few people DM me asking me questions before they buy it themselves. So lemme break it down real quick…

What is it

The bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel, aka a glorified tinted moisturiser.

What does it do

 According to bareMinerals this lil product is a “moisturiser, foundation and SPF, all in one.” I’ll be the first to call bullsh*t on marketing campaigns but this is a classic, does what it says on the tin kinda deal. There is an added SPF 30 making it perfect for these summer months to make sure your skin is protected at all times. The hydration aspect really is dreamy. I personally prefer wearing it with a primer as I feel it applies better but if you wanted to put it on your bare skin you totally could. As soon as you apply it, your skin glowssssss and you look healthy and refreshed. I’ve been wearing it legit every day since I bought it. It also provides a decent coverage. By nature, a tinted moisturiser should be completely sheer but this does have a like somethin’ somethin’ so that’s why I’ve been loving it for work. As a tip, I prefer applying this with my fingers in circular motions, I think it works better than a brush or sponge.

Will it suit my skin

 I do really think this is one size fits all product which is hard to come by. The hydration and glow it provides is really something so it would definitely suit drier skin. I have oily skin and whilst by default I set it with a powder foundation, I don’t have excess shine poking through throughout the day. If you have blemishes etc. that you need covered you will need to use concealer on top. It is a tinted moisturiser after all guys, not doublewear. When I mention new products to my Mummy she always says “but you’re young, will it suit my old skin”. FYI my mother has the best skin ever, never mind for her age but in general, the woman’s skin is flawless. If I’m lucky enough to be half as good looking as her when I’m (shall not slip her age) a more mature woman, I’ll be doing well. Decidedly Mama loves this product too so it definitely suits all ages.

Is it long lasting

 As I mentioned before, I use a powder foundation on top of this, more so to matte it down rather than anything else but it does smooth everything out. I think because of this, when I wear it, my face lasts all day so I’m really pleased with its longevity. Realistically, when it comes to anything other than a full coverage foundation you’ll need to adjust your expectations, it may not take you from dawn to dusk but in my experience, this has come pretty close.

Will they have a colour to suit my skin tone

 This is one thing that really grinds me, a person should never be deterred from buying a face product for fear they’ll not find a shade to suit their skin. It’s the 21st century and not everyone falls into those 4 mid-range shades sitting on a Maybelline shelf. I shame Maybelline because Jourdan Dunn, a Maybelline ambassador would struggle to find her own shade in her local Boots. I’m calling it – BULLLLLSH*T MAMA. That phrase always makes me want to watch How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days for the millionth time! bareMinerals pride themselves on being a brand that allows you to extend the beauty of your own skin and they do try to cater to all. Personally, I think they fall short a little. They hold 16 shades and although they have tones from neutral to golden I don’t think their lightest shade is all that light and deepest shade all that deep. Obviously, you’ll need to get matched up but if you struggle to find your shade on a good day you may struggle here.

How much/ Where can I get it

 The complexion rescue is available at bareMinerals counters in all major beauty and department stores in the UK such as Boots, Debenhams, House of Fraser and John Lewis. Alternatively, you can buy it online and get it delivered in store free of charge. It costs £28.

Hopefully I answered all your questions but if I haven’t comment below or drop me a mail. Overall this product is perfect if you want that barely there look without baring the depths of your soul sans makeup. Ain’t nobody got time for that

Peace out chicas,



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4 thoughts on “The bare Minimum

  1. I bought this one late last year – but it just does not suit me at all. I had high hopes for it as i don’t like to wear a tonne of makeup for everyday. I apply it with my fingertips but no matter how hard i try, it just sits on top of my skin and sits in my lines and emphasises any dry patches and looks horrid! 😦 Tried with primer, without primer, fingertips, brush, sponge you name it. So bummed out about it – if you’re ever in Dublin – i’ll give you my bottle haha 😉


  2. Eve… as your totally biased mummy…thank you pet.. .. you’re a great blogger… however as you know as a teacher I am always objective in my comments. I totally agree with your review. I have been in Spain for over 2 weeks now. I have been wearing it and I haven’t got any burning etc on my face… it has enhanced the glow… LOVE YOU xo

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