Hung up on Huda

Ok I have a confession, I might as well lay it all out now, I have an addiction…to foundation. Let’s think of it this way though, the more foundation I try and share my thoughts with you, the more informed your decision will be, should you choose to buy it or not. So really, I’m being quite selfless. My bank balance takes a hit so yours won’t have to. You can thank me later.

This week, we’re talking Huda. I received a sample of the Huda #FauxFilter Foundation with my Cult Beauty haul back in October. I received four shades and a sachet of the partnering primer. The lightest shade was Macaroon which just so happened to be a perfect shade for me.


Before I jump into my thoughts lets see what this foundation does. Huda claims:

“#FauxFilter is a full-coverage velvety foundation, available in 30 delicious shades, that will give you a flawless long-lasting look in just one application. Hiding blemishes, concealing imperfections, and camouflaging dark circles, this amazing formula is packed with ultra-refined pigments that make uneven skin a thing of the past.”

The finish is advertised as a radiant matte powder that it supposed to look luminous, not dry or cakey. It also contains Argan oil which helps to rehydrate the skin.

Hudda has olive toned skin and wanted to represent a variety of skin tones in her shade range. The sample selection I was given seemed to be primarily yellow/neutral toned so I can’t comment on whether it caters to pink undertones too.

I’m going to be honest (when I’m doing a review there’s really no point being anything but). When I first tried this foundation, I hated it. I actually said “eugh” as I first stroked it onto my face. The consistency reminded me of a gel and it felt stiff on the skin, like it was dragging on my face. I actually wiped it off and applied a different foundation. I know Huda gets it right a lot of times but this time, it was a no from me. Then I heard one of my favourite bloggers raving about it, I usually trust her opinion so I thought I would give it another go.

It was an entirely different experience. I’m not sure exactly what I can pin it down to. Previously, I used her primer and a buffing brush to apply. This time I used my own primer and a beauty blender, maybe that was it – who knows. This time there was no dragging however I would say this foundation requires a bit more effort in terms of blending. As it is so full coverage you will need to work it into the skin a bit more. Make sure your beauty blender is sufficiently damp and it will help. It’s definitely full coverage and has the desired effect in covering blemishes etc. I usually always reach for concealer cover blemishes but with Huda, I didn’t really have to.

I went to Copenhagen back in December and brought my sample pot with me. I was surprised how many applications I got out of this tiny pocket of foundation. Huda claims you only need a “dime sized amount”. I’m unsure what size a dime is but I’m assuming it’s pretty small. As per typical city breaks I had long days walking around and even longer nights dancing to old school Britney. This foundation held up pretty well.


There’s a few things I want to comment on with this foundation:

  1. For my oily girls – my standard nose shine made an appearance throughout the day so blotting was needed.
  2. For girls with enlarged pores – you need to be careful with this foundation. After finishing my base (foundation + setting with Laura Mercier Universal), I did find a little “speckling” where the foundation didn’t blend over my pores but rather filled them in and ran. I found my pores looked even more emphasised throughout the day. To overcome this, I set the base with a powder foundation (Mac Studio Fix), this give an added layer of coverage which totally overcame the pore issue.

Overall, I think this foundation will have dividing opinions. I’m oily, I accept my fate so I don’t expect to not have shine. If pores and laugh lines are a sore point for you, it will emphasise them I feel. In general, I was quite happy with this foundation but I’ll admit it is a little temperamental. It took me a few goes to find the right combination of applicator/primer/setting powder.

The foundation is priced at £32 and is available from Huda is stocked in Sephora too, so if you’re abroad any time soon you’ll be able to swatch some of the colours. For my UK girls it’s more difficult as we can only go by what’s on screen. My advice when stabbing in the dark of cyber space is go one shade lighter than you think you need. It’s easier to bronze up than tone a shade down.

If only everything in life provided a #FauxFilter effect but for now I’ll settle for it solely on my face.

Holla at ya later kids,



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