Hella Wavy

We’re switching things up this week because I like to keep you on your toes. If you’ve been visiting me on Instagram lately you’ll see a number of pictures with me and my curly hair. I had a few people get in touch asking me how I style my hair like this, you asked, and I shall deliver.

A few years ago, I decided to get the chop and came out of the salon feeling like Beyoncé (this was circa 2014 when the Beyoncé bob was the shizzle). I always had thin hair so when it was long, even when I curled it I never had the volume I sought after. When I cut it and curled it I was majorly feelin’ myself and singing Drunk in Love at any opportunity. Even if the hair gods never blessed you with thick hair you can give the illusion of thick hair and that’s the next best thing. Here’s how I style my hair when I have Partition playing in the background.

Things you’ll need:

  • Curling wand
  • Hairspray: Any spray will do but avoid strong hold, we don’t want the hair too stiff
  • (Optional) Root Hairspray: If you want extra volume we’ll use this
  • (Optional) Fine comb: Again, extra volume we’ll do some backcombing
  • (Optional) Salt Spray: Depending on what look you want, we’ll get to this later


dsc_0512One major tip is when you’re curling with a heated tool, you want to make sure your hair isn’t fresh. Sounds nasty, I’m not saying you abstain from showers for a week but wash your hair the night before. Alternatively, wash it in the morning if going out that night but don’t use conditioner (if you have greasy hair) or very little (if you have dry hair). If your hair is too soft the curl won’t hold.

  1. Separate your hair into layers. I usually have three layers but if your hair is thicker you can do more.
  2. When doing waves, you want to curl thicker sections as we’re ridin’ wavy not Shirly Temple curly. Take a section of about 4 inches, if your hair struggles to take a curl, lightly spray hairspray on the section before using the wand. The aim is to not curl all the way to the root or all the way to the ends. Chill somewhere in the middle. This will help give you that blunt finish on the ends.

Apply heat for around 5 seconds and release. Lightly spritz with hairspray.

Repeat this for the remainder of the section then spray that sh*t again.

Go to the next section and repeat.


  1. For added volume I dabble in backcombing, serious Khloe K vibes. After curling a section, take the comb, a couple of centimetres from the root and comb backwards. It will feel like a bird’s nest but don’t worry, we won’t see it. Spray it with the root spray for added hold. I adore the OSIS+ Volume Up Root Spray, it’s £12 in salons but I buy it from JustMyLook.co.uk for £7.90. It provides volume and keeps it there throughout the night. I recommend!


After doing this for the top layer of hair, your hair will look fuzzy. That’s ok, take the comb and lightly comb through the top of the hair. Now you have that volume we’ve been aiming for.

  1. After you’ve completed curling and backcombing if applicable, shake it all out. Don’t be scared, channel Tina performing Proud Mary. When you toss your hair back you will look more Diana Ross than Tina. Just comb your hair with your fingers to separate the waves and comb the top with the comb again if necessary.


  1. Finally, if you want a softer look then just finish with a spritz of hairspray. If you want more rock-n-roll waves use the salt spray to matte the hair down a bit. Then add more spray. Yes, if you lit a match in my room during this process I would explode.


Voila, diva hair in no time. You may not have woken up flawless but you sure look it now. Work it like Queen B would hunni.

Ciao my honey bees,



For bookings please email decidedlyeve@gmail.com

For Instagram posts of my work and general makeup loveliness see @decidedlyeve

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