It’s My Quarantine, and I’ll Do What I Want To*

*within govt regulated guidelines…obvs

I wake up, I do my makeup, I’m feelin’ myself so take a lil selfie for insta and post it on my story. Next, I get a couple of messages, “wow you make so much effort”, “I never take the time to look like this”, “No makeup for me during quarantine” etc. etc. It’s almost as if, if you’re not living in sweats and makeup free then you’re doing something wrong. People aren’t being nasty, they’re just making an observation, but it made me wonder, should we make up or no?

I guess it boils down to quarantine shame. We’ve dished it out, we’ve been served it, it’s a part of life right now. I consider myself to be a pretty positive person, I’m pragmatic and a firm believer that you shouldn’t dwell on the things you can’t change and I’m really glad I’ve always had this mindset as it’s helped me a lot recently. I’ll admit however, even I struggled with the pouring of posts from influencers and celebrities with their iced coffees, workout routines, moments of reflection in the garden and that 5-course meal they whipped up on a Tuesday. It wasn’t realistic for most of us, we don’t have the plush apartments with the terraces they do (or maybe you do), a pantry stocked with fresh basil and star anise, and Prada jogger bottoms which are so versatile and a staple wardrobe piece… Side note, can we all stop posting pics of people indoors wearing blazers? You look great sis but WHEN AM I GONNA GET THE OPPORTUNITY TO WEAR THAT.

That said, I like to think their hearts are in the right place, they worked hard for the life they’ve built for themselves and we, as consumers have made it clear we want a slice of it so like these posts on a daily. I also have to look inward, the way I roll my eyes at these high-end influencers could be the way someone is looking at me. Alright Eve, you washed your hair and put on lipstick, want a medal?

Makeup makes me feel good, I’m not doing a cut crease and winged liner regularly but some colour on my face and bright lipstick puts a spring in my step. Albeit, the 5 steps from my bedroom to the kitchen. Some days, I think, meh, what’s the point no one is going to see me so who cares. I have to check myself though, that’s not why I wear makeup. I wear it because I like it. I know my style isn’t for everyone. So many times, I’ve been greeted with someone saying “ooo that’s bold look” before they even say hello. But at other times, I like to think I make people smile. Girls in my office would comment on my highlight, my teammate over VC refers to my red lipstick as my “Friday lipstick” and even my Daddy, as soon as he answers FaceTime “oh look at you, you look nice” when I’ve switched things up a bit. Makes me think I look sh*t every other time I call him, but we’ll glaze over that.

Moral of the story is kids, we gotta get our kicks somewhere during this time. My Godmother wouldn’t be caught dead in flats, so went a walk outside in her favourite heels to perk herself up. My Mummy can’t abide flat hair so puts her volume rollers in every morning, even if the only people who will see her are my Daddy and the dog. Point is, it makes them feel good, it makes them smile and if there’s one thing we could all do more with right now, it’s smiles.

Have a beautiful day lovelies,



For Instagram posts of my work and general makeup loveliness see @decidedlyeve


One thought on “It’s My Quarantine, and I’ll Do What I Want To*

  1. Well my eve. You are so right. It’s in your genes.from both sides of your family. From aged 3 you told your gran who looked after you to put her lipstick on.. love you for it Miss Positivity Positivity!!!…

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